Sharing industry 4.0 Bosch Rexroth technology programme

Sharing industry 4.0 Bosch Rexroth technology programme

A few days ago, Bosch Rexroth, Germany representative of industry benchmark of 4.0 Enterprise, hosted by the China Association of small and medium enterprises participated in the "made in China" 2015 and Germany 4.0 industry Summit ".

Will Shang, Bosch Lux Le China sales products management director Stanley, and Bosch Lux Le China sales Deputy President Liu Tianpeng and Government, and in the de Enterprise Association, and famous economists and the other well-known Enterprise representative share has Bosch Lux Le in industrial 4.0 aspects of technology programme, and practice experience and preliminary results, and on in the de both how together total into, in new a round of industrial revolution in the grasp opportunities, further improve manufacturing of integrated competitiveness for Exchange.

With the development of manufacturing industries, today's market is more volatile, and customer needs are more diverse, and product delivery time and life cycles are getting shorter, which challenges the traditional manufacturing industries, blurring of traditional industry, industry Division will be restructured, to a more efficient, flexible, high quality and personalized direction.

Bosch Rexroth, with its keen insight into the industry, accurately captures this trend, the first to join the industry and practice 4.0. Bosch Rexroth in Germany the Humboldt line of hydraulic valves, successful industrial 4.0 after Reformation, not only through software module to switch production to 200 different types of products, and less to achieve mass customization production to improve productivity while reducing inventory 30% 10%. This line due to human and machines, processing technology of interconnection and won the "industry 4.0".

October 2014, the two Governments issued the Sino-German cooperation platform for action: a total of plastic innovations (hereinafter referred to as the platform), and its core is the bilateral cooperation in industrial area of 4.0. Platform for pointed out that, in the de two industrial 4.0 cooperation process will in two Government of policy support Xia by enterprise itself advance, Bosch Lux Le as Germany industrial 4.0 of model, has first will its in Germany of best practice experience promotion to Germany zhiwai of China factory, currently, Xian, and Changzhou, and Beijing, to of factory, are began has different scale of industrial 4.0 transformation project. In addition, as technology partners, Bosch Rexroth in support of Tongji University Automotive Center of advanced manufacturing industry 4.0 system development, but also help automate partner GaMi 4.0 industrial innovation model plant in China.

The Summit, Liu Tianpeng "from the manufacturing country to a manufacturing powerhouse Germany to work together to upgrade theme" interactive dialogue: "Bosch Rexroth will adhere to global thinking, rooted in the local ' concept, Germany 4.0 advanced experience in the field of industry to China, manufacturing sector must improve quality, cost and delivery. China is a strategically important market for us, we have the confidence and the collaborative development of manufacturing industry in China, enhance core competitiveness, in order to create truly contribute to the manufacturing powerhouse. ”

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