Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Promote the communication of machine tool industry production Tsinghua university to CIMT in practice

On April 20, the mechanics department of tsinghua university to the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) short-term practice in Beijing - China international exhibition center, nearly 50 students from the mechanics department in machine tool show in practice and volunteer activities, tsinghua university and composite group and the control key laboratory of mechanical industry exhibition, showing the elegance of tsinghua mechanics department.Tsinghua mechanics department practice team outside the machine tool exhibition hall photo (photo: Zhang Luhong) on the same day afternoon, practice team ride to shunyi district of Beijing China international exhibition center (new).The exhibition area of more than 130000 square meters, located 1639 exhibitors and crowded at the meeting, all kinds of display products the dizzying.The meeting hall divided by the types of exhibits a dozen exhibition hall, the exhibits contain both the traditional vehicles, milling, drilling, grinding machine, also contains the laser machining, electrical, water cut and other new type of machine tools, and form a complete set of quality supervision, inspection and measuring equipment, cutting tools, jigs and other accessories.Students according to their research direction and the interest, into the corresponding exhibition hall to visit learning, positive and staff communication, understand relevant technological innovation and progress.The international machine tool exhibition contains 839 overseas exhibitors and exhibitors in 800, national enterprises show the latest technology and products, technical communication and lectures.In the afternoon there is well-known enterprises on behalf of the speaker's lecture, provides students with a rare view and the opportunity to learn advanced foreign technology and equipment.In the machine tool exhibition, tsinghua university and the Swiss embassy in China cooperation, selection of volunteers to assist the Swiss pavilion daily operation, and view the advanced technology of Switzerland.Practice team came to the Swiss pavilion, met with tsinghua mechanics department volunteers ni circle, he is for visitors to provide advisory services.Tsinghua mechanics department volunteers ni round to work the pavilion exhibition hall (photography: Zhang Luhong) in the international machine tool exhibition opened & other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Exhibition hall showing the tsinghua university and dalian polytechnic university in the innovation research results on the machine.Mechanics department of tsinghua university are made by the teacher wang liping team, mainly introduces the mix parallel mechanism and the control key laboratory of mechanical industry research, compound machine, spraying robot with five-axis linkage automation system as a typical representative.Practice team and is responsible for the two mechanics department students of tsinghua university hall.& other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Exhibition hall in tsinghua mechanics department team participation (photography: Zhang Luhong) the short-term practice by China machine tool industry association, the department of mechanical engineering, tsinghua university cooperation.Through practice, the students to understand the world's most advanced machine tool products, feel the international technology exchange and interaction, the technology innovation and progress.(source: tsinghua news)

Aerospace science and intelligent production line segment CIMT2017

On April 17, the 15th China international machine tool exhibition in Beijing China international exhibition center (shunyi new).China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & otherAerospace science & throughout;)Oversize high-end equipment manufacturing company in China, the exhibition launched the first space cloud network platform based on intelligent production line.As the "made in China 2025", & other;Internet + & throughout;Countries such as the implementation of the major strategic planning, the integration of Internet and manufacturing development gradually deepened, intelligent manufacture industry based on industrial Internet platform also ushered in the comprehensive transformation and upgrading, and deepen the reform of the important historical opportunity.Go straight aerospace science and industry in our country at the forefront of Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry development, and relying on advanced science and technology level and strategy of overall planning, has made remarkable achievements.This exhibition space cloud network, aerospace science and industry layout is Internet, evidence of best practice in the field of intelligent manufacturing.Of aerospace science and industry's Shen Yangzhong company deputy general manager zhang told China industry news reporter, flexible production line can be realized from order to finish the assembly of the production, the whole manufacturing process of unmanned automatic save the clamping and tool changing process, improve traditional industry in the production efficiency is 50%.Jie in the production line is mainly composed of intelligent equipment, intelligent assembly line and intelligent information system of three parts.Intelligent information system as intelligent production line of the central nervous system, machining, assembling, reasonably intelligent supervision visual identification test, code, and a series of work.Through the analysis of the data acquisition, real-time monitoring, quality and product traceability implementation a complete intelligent advanced fully automatic production line.Intelligent production line and space cloud network platform integration is achieved, can make the cloud and the scene of the production data for real-time interaction, power production scheduling of cloud, realize resources sharing, coordination ability.The graph is aerospace launched the first space cloud network platform based intelligent production line.(photo: small Chen) reporter learned that, this is the independent brand of aerospace intelligent CNC machining center debut.Jie VU series high precision in high speed machining center, the standard module, information technology can be directly connected space cloud network platform, directly applied to intelligent production line and intelligent workshop information management, and manufacturing management system seamless docking.And vertical machining center can also be based on user needs embedded visual touch intelligent terminal, equipment running status data can be real-time feedback, and can work with manufacturing management system seamless docking.(the original title: aerospace intelligent production line segment CIMT) (source: China industry news)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dongfeng with many intelligent equipment CIMT2017

On April 17 to & other;New requirements & middot;New supply & middot;New & throughout;As the theme of the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) opens in Beijing China international exhibition center.The exhibition attracted more than 1600 machine tool manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to join.Dongfeng equipment limited company belongs to the east wind equipment manufacturing co., LTD and RenLiangJu factory all together with the latest intelligent equipment exhibition, get the recognized industry experts and manufacturers.This exhibition has manufacturing and solutions, intelligent digital technology, high efficiency and automation, specialization of four big luminescent spot, the exhibits include the host, the feature, numerical control system, measuring tool measuring tool, machine tool electrical and rj, accessories, etc. Main products industry chain.Dongfeng equipment manufacturing co., LTD with DL500, DZ40 horizontal machining center, vertical machining center DVT1645 turning center and production line intelligent management system, its high efficiency, high precision, high reliability and exhibits features such as green environmental protection has attracted many manufacturers and visitors stop to watch.The production line & other intelligent management system;Wisdom star STAR”Particularly eye-catching.The system can real-time understand production line OEE comprehensive efficiency (device) and the cutting tool and the kinetic energy consumption, and can provide equipment maintenance for the production management information, to optimize production and improve data analysis, data driven management.The dongfeng equipment manufacturing co., LTD., has been awarded & other;2016 year China machine tool industry throughout 30 strong &;The title.RenLiangJu exhibition exhibits for electronic instrument factory, exhibits mainly by the electronic instrument & other;Two fields, three series & throughout;Composition, including wireless an e-card plug gauge and automatic measuring mechanism in two major series of products on behalf of the electronic instrument measuring instrument manufacture level, in the domestic leading level;Intelligent data management system shows the electronic instrument in data collection, analysis, processing, etc.(the original title: dongfeng new intelligent equipment at the China international machine tool exhibition) (source: dongfeng hotline)

2017 Qingdao machine tools exhibition held more than 70000 buyers to visit

On August 2, 6 -, hot springs is located in the streets of Qingdao international expo center for the hot summer has added a & otherFire & throughout;From more than 20 countries and regions, more than 70000 professional buyers to visit into 2017 Qingdao international machine tool exhibition held a grand success.Upstream and downstream enterprises agglomeration machine tool & other;This is the third time this year to participate in machine tool exhibition in cieme, can communicate with peers to study here, also can find your satisfied customers!Throughout the &;Beijing precision manufacturing staff told reporters.2, the 20th 2017 Qingdao international machine tools exhibition held in Qingdao international expo center.The exhibition theme of intelligent, flexibility, Internet, staff of the organizers jinnuo exhibition, the exhibition exhibition area of 75000 square meters, gathered more than 1000 well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, on more than 3000 sets of intelligent and tens of thousands of pieces of machine tool equipment downstream products.The exhibition, intelligent, kind and intensification trend is increasingly obvious, like yamazaki mazar-e-sharif grams of INTEGREX - 100 - s is configured with a SMOOTH system, to create a highly intelligent, unmanned production system integration.Carved JD pride HGT600 - A13S is fine to the limit, can be carved on the eggs.More than 40 experts road on the 3rd of intelligent manufacturing, engineering technology conference between China and Japan in the 2017 Qingdao international expo center.The meeting hosted by the association for science and technology of shandong province, shandong automation institute, Qingdao jinnuo international exhibition co., LTD., to undertake, the conference theme is & other;Intelligent manufacturing and innovation service & throughout;.More than 40 experts to participate in the industry.The assembly also arrange conference report, project sub-field BBS, patent technology and information exchange, scientific and technological achievements china-japan cooperation and docking discussion and visit and other activities.& other;This is also the folk technology exchange platform, the main is to improve complementary.Like haier, red collar and so on in the aspect of intelligent manufacturing there are a lot of advanced cases, it is between the two countries to hold the meeting for the first time.Throughout the &;According to JiHongBo, vice President of association for science and technology of shandong province.Accurate and detailed exhibition service & other;According to the size of the exhibition, the city traffic police brigade first sent 120 police, according to the arrangement of prophase research on vehicle guidance.Throughout the &;City public security bureau traffic police brigade deputy district chief zhang jie told reporters at the scene directing traffic.In addition, in the exhibition site, the public security and traffic police officers, hospitals all departments such as smoke sent staff to provide on-site support and services, and set up a headquarters unified coordination, lift the exhibition held with good quality.According to the municipal ccpit Wu Yongchun, director of the office for the exhibition service security work in the first half of this year the city government issued "to further increase the exhibition service security work of the implementation of the plan, set up six service groups, each group combined with their respective responsibilities to ensure successfully held the exhibition.(the original title: more than 70000 professional buyers to visit the intelligent equipment) (source: China cieme network)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Thai cosette with innovative design of indexable type gun drill CIMT2017

The deep hole processing is a process with the machining process is very difficult, and has become the bottleneck of many manufacturers in the optimization process.Would normally use brazing welding gun drill or carbide drill, but there are still some problems need to solve in practical application.

cimt2017 Thai cosette los booth
cimt2017 machine tool show, Thai cosette innovation design of indexable type gun drill can solve these problems, the product can provide the same as the soldering welding torch to drill the roundness, straightness and surface finish, thanks to its optimized blades and double direction of the position.The blade with crumbs of blade design, reduces the cutting force makes the feed increased more than soldering gun drill.In the processing of chip than soldering gun drill and carbide bit more small, makes more stable smooth chip removal.In addition, the article with a coating of blades and guide the ability of high speed cutting, this is the traditional brazing welding gun drill cannot be achieved.

based on the BTA deep hole drilling technology

unique points crumbs edge blade design

times the speed of machining efficiency and cutting performance of

diameter expanding the DeepTri -

Drill can change the blade type gun Drill, minimum diameter has been developed from the original D16mm, expanded to minimum D14mm, diameter range from D14mm ~ D28mm now.


this product line diameter expansion, broaden the in mould, automobile, heavy industry and power generation in the areas of application, especially for deep hole drilling processing mould industry.This series of products, cosette los also shows in multiple versions and fist products.

(the original title: Thai cosette in CIMT2017 launch innovative design of indexable gun drill) (source: today's headlines Metal processing)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The full upgrade of yantai system exposition 2017 give you different experience and harvest

In recent years, our country's market structure changes and challenges faced by the traditional manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and & otherInternet + & throughout;Has become a big industry development trend.Yantai as a traditional industrial city, tightly grasp the development opportunity in (May 26) yesterday morning, in yantai international exhibition center was held the 15th 2017 yantai international equipment manufacturing industry expo opening ceremony.
5 on 26th morning, by the mechanical and electrical products distribution association, China yantai city people's government, Qingdao jinnuo international exhibition co., LTD., yantai jinnuo exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the 15th yantai international equipment manufacturing industry exposition in the grand opening of yantai international exhibition center.The exhibition fully meet the industry hotspot, response & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, & otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Countries such as industrial strategy to & other;Transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As the theme, the key to build intelligent manufacturing demonstration area, bring the exhibitors and visitors from concept to realization of real visiting experience.Expo
previous exhibition site
yantai system is one of the most professional intelligent jiaodong peninsula manufacturing industry exhibition, since founded in 2003, the cumulative attract exhibitors nearly m, 350000 professional visitors, won the industry acclaim and recognition.In recent years, the exhibition after continuous development, has now become a gathering in today's latest achievements in modern manufacturing, implementation of brand strategy to promote multifunctional stage.
according to the exhibition controller introduces, the fair has a comprehensive upgrade.Exhibition area of an area of 20000 square, is equipped with the machine mould, industrial automation, power transmission and control technology, hardware tools and welding cutting equipment, machinery and general equipment, robot, logistics, warehousing and handling equipment exhibition, attracted over 400 exhibitors from home and abroad.In addition, the organizers in raising service level, improve the show management and rich content to make a new effort.This exhibition is not only a trading platform of the display of the latest products and technologies, is also the platform of enterprises to recruit talent.During the exhibition will be held in manufacturing enterprise recruitment, in order to meet the demand for talents of science and technology enterprises.The conference participants believe the recruitment will bring different experience and harvest.
yantai jinnuo exhibition co., LTD., general manager of wai kong, ray, said the industry rebounded in 2017, a trend of rapid development, the industrial district of yantai as a traditional industrial city, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and promoting industrial mechanization, automation, intelligent manufacture is imperative, yantai system fair successfully held the will also promote the yantai & other;Smart industry & throughout;The new stage, yantai & other;Smart industry & throughout;Is enjoying an unprecedented development opportunity.
in the first day, library card, Wilson benesch robot, fanuc robots, bond laser, laser laser and other famous enterprises have appeared, reveal the vigorous situation of intelligent manufacturing;Professional, intelligent and high-end products popular, automation, informationization, technology level of innovation and development, the exhibition site people, very busy.Is apart from the yantai expo over two days, China machine tool business wish exhibitors and visitors to obtain satisfactory harvest. (this article is provided by Chinese machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

CIROS2017 the imminent opening of the 6th China international robot exhibition

Approved by the state ministry of commerce, the state ministry of industry, ministry of science and technology, China machinery industry federation, China robot industry association, Shanghai exhibition co., LTD., the host & machine in the otherCIROS2017 throughout the 6th China international robot exhibition &;Will be in July 5-8, 2017 was held at the national convention center (Shanghai), and other will be heldSIAS2017 Shanghai international exhibition of industrial automation & throughout;.
ciros China international robot exhibition is China's current robot industry the largest and strongest professional exhibition industry influence, get the height of the international federation of robotics (IFR), whole industry chain is domestic only has the support of IFR robot exhibition platform;Has been hailed as a & other;Throughout China robot no.1 &;.

ciros2017 the imminent opening of the 6th China international robot exhibition the exhibition to & other;Integration & middot;Collaborative & middot;Service & throughout;As the theme, the exhibition scale of 38000 square meters, is expected to audience of 60000 people, from Japan, Germany, France, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, China Taiwan and other 13 countries and regions of 368 famous enterprises.Held during the same period & other;The Shanghai international exhibition of industrial automation & throughout;But also for the robot manufacturers set up a platform for the communication of upstream and downstream automation control.
powerful platform for international cooperation and exchange
China international robot exhibition (CIROS) as China machinery industry federation, China international cooperation an important platform for robot industry alliance, has teamed up with including the international federation of robotics (IFR), German machinery equipment manufacturing industry federation (VDMA), Japanese industrial robot (JARA), South Korea (KAR) robot industry association and the Taiwan association of intelligent automation and robotics (TAIROA), the robot industry association (RIA), South Korea, the robot industry revitalization of the court (KIRIA), France robot industry development consulting and services company (INNOECHO), the issue of the industry news both at home and abroad well-known robot industry trade group, etc.INNOECHO and AUTOMATE AUTMATICA with Germany, The United States, France, south Korea Chesapeake Robot Word, Japan, The International Exhibition ofRobots, Taiwan Robot and intelligent automation reached a cooperation relationship with each other.
strong international cooperation to ensure the CIROS international perspective of power industry development, is an important window for buyers to understand the world leading-edge products robot, robot industry in China is also understand the importance of international robot industry technology development platform.International high-end conference in
, gathered at home and abroad by the sound of the high-end meetings and activities during the
ciros, has always been reading national policies and development planning, industry development hot spot, the global and China's industrial robot market data, cutting-edge technology and application of communication platform.From domestic and overseas experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, professionals come together to share their technology and valuable experience.During
the CIROS meeting of all kinds of high-end, professional activities as many as 24 games, meeting activity contents include robot at home and abroad policy direction, development trend, market data, technology research and application technology, robot competition, financial services, etc.Including & other;ISR 49th international robot BBS & throughout;, & other2017 China international robot industry development peak BBS and 2017 annual China robot & lsquo;Gold finger & rsquo;Awards & throughout;, & otherThroughout 2017 IFR - CRIACEO roundtable &;, & other2017 China international BBS service robot development & throughout;, & other2017 the second China integrated application throughout the conference &;, & otherThroughout China's intelligent manufacturing industrial park plunged peak BBS &;, & otherIntel robot innovation ecological summit and robot challenge throughout the NBA finals &;And so on.Among them,
ISR into China for the first time this year, more attractive to the arrival of the robot in the industry around the world.ISR (International Symposium of Robotics) is sponsored by the International federation of Robotics (IFR) of the world's most authoritative industrial robots and BBS service robot industry, one of the International industrial robot industry, the importance of technical communication platform.ISR into China for the first time, that is, choose in CIROS exhibition held at the same time, more embodies the CIROS show strong international cooperation in resources, as well as the CIROS exhibition brand influence to get high recognition around the world.
the robot of artificial intelligence and service outstanding appearance in
along with the service robot technology and application of artificial intelligence and expands continuously upgrade, service robot market is expanding rapidly.Service robot exhibition in NH pavilion concentration shows this new industry's rapid growth, has become a spotlight CIROS this year.Artificial intelligence, unmanned systems from home and abroad enterprises and applied in household, restaurant, consumption, public services, rehabilitation, fire and other kinds of robots respectively shows the current service robot is the latest technology.Held during the same period & other;2017 China international BBS service robot development & throughout;Talking about the future trend of the technology innovation service robots at the same time, will focus on robot enterprise how to dock with the user, realize land development and other problems.Moreover, & other2018 eighth UCAHP high-level talents entrepreneurship competition and intelligent industrial silicon valley North America BBS launch and talk & throughout;As the organizing committee of the CIROS with silicon valley UCAHP north American entrepreneurship competition for the first time the cooperation, will introduce a batch of such as the United States silicon valley AI\/VR intelligent robot landing China, to carry out technical cooperation of China and the United States, upgrade service robot industry in China set up an international communication platform.
niche buyers with high quality, high efficiency of the supply and demand docking platform, the organizing committee of the
special invitation organization robot applications user segment enterprise, form a powerful high-quality buyers groups to visit, including auto manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, metal processing and manufacturing, 3 c electronic industry, logistics, transportation, petroleum chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, beverage manufacturing niche applications such as robot user units.
, bright dairy, Fuji xerox, lenovo group, changan, saic, lung qi, sun group, wahaha and danone group, samsung group, gree, cimc logistics and so on more than 40 buyers group to join us.At the same time, the organizing committee of the joint local governments are also actively organize visit CIROS visit local enterprises, and enterprises to the users of the robot robot manufacturers to build effective supply and demand docking platform.
each big media reported all-the-way tracking
the exhibition invited including CCTV, phoenix TV, dragon TV, Shanghai TV station, the first finance and economics, the central people's broadcasting station, China Radio International, China network television, xinhua news agency, China news agency, People's Daily, economic daily, China Daily, Reuters, sina, netease, issue of the news media partners at home and from abroad, such as more than 300, each big media platform for exhibitions, conferences, activities, exhibitors and exhibit a full, deep, multi-angle all-the-way tracking report.Ciros2017 the 6th China international robot exhibition in
, 5 years of accumulation, renew brilliance, July 5-8, let's meet in Shanghai again, enjoy the robot feast!
(the original title: integration of collaborative service CIROS2017 the 6th China international robot exhibition is a grand opening) (source: machine yellow pages web)