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Net preached at the bottom of the plastic water bottle containing bisphenol A PC logo

Automobil plastic net news: the cup bottom have PC logo contain bpa, high temperature can precipitate, excessive intake of harmful to the body, buy plastic cup should choose to have PP marks;Experts say should be selected according to utility The strait southeast network - September 9 (metropolis daily reporter gx-power) recently, an article entitled "select plastic cups, don't choose the bottom have PC logo!"Microblogging has the netizens., buy plastic water bottle should pick the weibo said, PP logo on the PC logo plastic water bottle containing bisphenol A, high temperature can precipitate, the role of A similar hormone, eating too much can interfere with hormonal function, serious excess may even cause cancer., experts said, if only when at normal temperature, choose a PC or PP material do not have too big difference, but PC material plastic cup is best not to put water temperature is very high.Fuzhou market: two materials half cup yesterday, reporters came to fuzhou…

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