Net preached at the bottom of the plastic water bottle containing bisphenol A PC logo

Automobil plastic net news: the cup bottom have PC logo contain bpa, high temperature can precipitate, excessive intake of harmful to the body, buy plastic cup should choose to have PP marks;Experts say should be selected according to utility The strait southeast network - September 9 (metropolis daily reporter gx-power) recently, an article entitled "select plastic cups, don't choose the bottom have PC logo!"Microblogging has the netizens., buy plastic water bottle should pick the weibo said, PP logo on the PC logo plastic water bottle containing bisphenol A, high temperature can precipitate, the role of A similar hormone, eating too much can interfere with hormonal function, serious excess may even cause cancer., experts said, if only when at normal temperature, choose a PC or PP material do not have too big difference, but PC material plastic cup is best not to put water temperature is very high.Fuzhou market: two materials half cup yesterday, reporters came to fuzhou yong hui, several such as wal-mart, carrefour supermarket.Reporter discovery, supermarkets have been sold at various styles of plastic cup, price from a few dollars to several dozens yuan.Journalists take a closer look at the the bottom of the plastic cup, found that nearly half of the cup is PC material, the other half for PP material.The reporter asked, what is the difference between different materials of plastic cups?Several supermarket sales staff said, the water resistance to fall off, easy to carry and meet the related standard, can be at ease buy.As for the difference between the two, they said not clear.Reporters then came to the RongCheng five-arched small commodity wholesale market, find wholesale plastic cups, here is also a PC, PP material "divide the world"., said most of the shops, the difference between two kinds of material is not clear, only a wholesale shop owner told reporters, "high temperature circumstances, PC material plastic water bottle might be harmful substances dissolves in water."Expert: hold high temperature water had better choose PP material Fujian institute of materials science and engineering professor zhang, told reporters that the PC is short for polycarbonate, PP is polypropylene resin, these two kinds of materials are widely used in the manufacturing process of plastic cups and other items."Because the PC material high temperature resistant, wear resistance, impact resistance, including kettle, plastic cups, etc. Products are widely used in the material."In view of the network spread "PC material made of glass at high temperature can precipitate" bisphenol A, professor zhang said.When selecting a plastic water bottle, he explains, it's best to clear purpose, what is the normal temperature or high temperature.If is used when the normal temperature, the choice of PC material is PP material cups are not too big problem, but PC material plastic cup is best not to put water temperature is very high."PC though mechanical performance better, but under the condition of high temperature doubt there will be no safety material precipitate.The PP material is non-toxic plastic, nature also relatively stable even at high temperatures.Editor: XiaoPeng

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