Homebred hard alloy curiums a quality is low case study

1. Solder very armor plate question is big
We pass major to China alloy to produce the investigation of manufacturer to understand, the product quality that discovers China curiums the home is in a manufacturer hard to think method raises him. The most notable is 80% above production manufacturer of Chinese curium the problem with a low quality basically goes to solder now go up with armor plate, I once had received the test that company of a home sends to taste, below completely brand-new circumstance, there is a break that amounts to 30MM on armor plate unexpectedly, if this curiums piece fall in the rotate speed that is as high as 3000~8000, complete likelihood appears the result of accident letting a person, more never mention it curium cut the result with good what: Solder firm brittle, alloy suffers degree of low, alloy oxidation drop of tall, solder is big wait for undesirable phenomenon (at present China curiums 80% above use a manufacturer home solder the method is electric current to solder) .
2. Another reasons are a Chinese self-restrained grinder precision is insufficient.
What why is Chinese company willing to buy abroad to import is advanced full automatic solder equipment and abrade equipment?
We discover in investigation China curiums piece main in order to produce advantage of generous of cost small number, support exit is given priority to come to loath operation firm, be in abroad is to handle the trade that carries in lowest, its much profit lets foreign enterprise earn. To change product quality China one part enterprise must sacrifice heavy gold buys an import full automatic solder equipment. What among them the enterprise of 5% had bought Germany to import is full automatic high frequency solder equipment, what again the enterprise of 5% bought Japan is full automatic solder equipment. These were bought full automatic the discovery after the enterprise of equipment buys equipment invests millions of can not export the product abroad. Former because use full automatic the entrance is high frequency solder equipment mass promotion went up, crop does not promote however on, lost the dominant position with Chinese original company. Add machine depreciation, exit to carry the product after waiting for charge its cost is very high, the alloy that produces with foreign place curiums a price is not poor up and down. So the handiwork that produces with China is high frequency solder equipment, devoted and same cost lowest can produce favorable balance of trade to jump over its of 35 times crop curium piece. The product of apparent China is on the world with respect to very can sharp occupational market. The Chinese need not cost much money to go to those who buy abroad curiuming again piece. (what invest an abroad entrance for instance is full automatic high frequency solder equipment needs 700 thousand RMB, its crop is 1200 toothed / hour. The handiwork that invests 700 thousand RMB to buy China to produce is high frequency solder equipment lowest crop also can achieve 42000 toothed / hour. )

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