Free phenol overweight Guangdong zengcheng destroy export plastic cup

Automobil plastic net news: according to the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, a few days ago, the guangdong zengcheng inspection and quarantine bureau staff to jurisdiction a plastic products production enterprises of export plastic cups during sampling inspection, found that the shipment of free phenol, inspection personnel to issue a notice of the unqualified, and supervise the enterprise to the goods are destroyed.This batch of plastic cups, a total of 500 cases, weighing 2.95 tons, value $10300, using polycarbonate as raw material to produce, and exported to Hong Kong, China, according to the national standard GB14942-1994, 0.08 free phenol, inspection results, do not conform to the requirements of the standard value of 0.05 or less.Polycarbonate scientific name or PC, when it is heated temperature is too high, use time is too long, or, in case of acid easy exhalation harmful material free phenol.Free phenol is absorbed into the body damage when they reach a certain amount of liver and kidney cells, causing chronic poisoning, the harm as phenol and formaldehyde.As a result, many plastic products in contact with the food to determine the content of free phenol as quality control index.To this, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the related enterprise production and food contact plastic products, raw material quality, should be strictly avoid using PC material quality is not stable.Related: made of polycarbonate can be arbitrary scaling out of the bin out super toughening glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate Sabic special polycarbonate power millet smartphone stand out from the super toughening glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate composite polycarbonate industry of our country mobile phone needs to stay in editor: Wang Huiying mobile client download 】 【 automobil information

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