Choose plastic cup also has exquisite

Automobil plastic net news: plastic cups by many people, especially children and go out activities, due to the material of plastic cups, all kinds if choose plastic products with poor security level, long-term use can bring safe hidden trouble.Because of the erratic plastic cups with modelling, colour and lustre is gorgeous, the advantages of low prices, non-friable, loved by people.Now in the market to sell plastic cups (such as space cup) are mostly made of polycarbonate (PC), bisphenol A is one of the main raw material production of polycarbonate plastic.When choosing a plastic cup, should pay attention to two points: one is to see the production license, the second is the plastic recycling symbol.Production license is allowing companies to produce proof of related products, as well as the products meet the requirements of the relevant security certificate.Plastics recycling symbol identified the basic material, generally located at the base of the plastic products, for the triangle, from 1 to 7 between a few Numbers to represent different material.If one of triangle sign "7" or "58", at the same time in the following written on the PC, the product may contain "bisphenol A".Just have PC material fruit hand, how to reduce the risk?Before first use, use baking soda wash with warm water, natural drying in room temperature, because bpa will release more when used for the first time.In the subsequent avoid heating when using, do not use dishwasher, drying machine cleaning, not for a long time in the sun point-blank, should not be in hot water or tea.If there are any hurt or damaged container, we suggest to stop using, because plastic products surface if slightly grooved, bacteria easy to hide.At the same time to avoid repeated use of already aging plastic utensils.Drink cup or preferred glass, ceramic or stainless steel cup is better.If you really want to use plastic cups to make tea or hot water, had better choose colorless triangle sign "5" is among the plastic cup, the material is PP, name is polypropylene plastic components, which can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees above, is harmless to the human body.Editor: XiaoPeng

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