Ban of useless old plastic import sends China system of European trash management is troubled

Reclaim according to Europe association PRE says, china made a very sudden decision, abandon namely old plastic import ban, this brought about litter government market of Europe to produce a disorder.

Branch of Chinese environmental protection puts forward to will be in what useless old contaminant decreases before the end of the year this year to reclaim.

PRE says this decision disturbed European trash runs a system, current the plastic waste material that this system can have handled inferior quality effectively.

Ton Emans of the president before PRE expresses, because China did restriction to the entrance of these products, superfluous low character can appear on the market plastic waste material, former these plastic waste material undertake a kind of cheap solution can avoid waste effectively exporting will regard as.

Be in in after just making this decision, reclaim as a result of what these plastic waste material cannot achieve Europe standard, accordingly cannot appropriate processing.

PRE expresses in the statement September 25, market condition is changed suddenly, bring about Europe to be badly in need of true but durative trash handles way. This association still appeals the method that the change reclaims, classified processing reclaims with rising quality.

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