Traditional coal industry is marched toward new-style change coal to change to feed grade personally plastic

In recent years, our country economy grows quickly, economy of Inner Mongolia industry also expands in ceaseless development. As the development of the times, traditional industry should be accomplished can develop the tide that must get used to a times to develop continuously, develop innovation ceaselessly, to new-style change stride.

Be in Inner Mongolia, careful chemical industry lets traditional coal industry realize decay. In area of garden of industry of town of gram of graph of black careful banner, the day closes to achieve big pot of 3 huge white coal have enough to meet need in standing tall and upright. Pitch-black coal enters this facility, cross heavy conduit, became form of colorless dull food from another end comes out plastic.

925 since, coal of Inner Mongolia aggrandizement is changed reach the development of estate of coal chemical industry that is raw material with coal, coal chemical industry, fluorine chemical industry, chloric alkaline chemical industry, careful chemical industry and coal report use unifinication industry chain progressively compose is built.

Traditional industry blended in content of science and technology, system of industry of; of progressively strike high end to modern, new-style change stride, superfluous produce also can be dissolved. Compared 2012 together, crop of raw coal of whole 2016 area reduces 850 million tons by 1.07 billion tons, raw coal is changed rate come by 25% promotion 34% , output of product of rare earth depart increases 50 thousand tons by 29 thousand tons, rare earth on the spot is changed rate by 34% rise to 50% .

In the meantime, inner Mongolia encourages enterprise of coal, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy to carry out recombine, raise coal cleanness to use a level, develop careful chemical industry energetically, raise resource to change rate and product additional cost; advances Internet actively + make, ; of vigor of manufacturing industry of coruscate tradition equipment carries out traditional industry green to change transform, encourage an enterprise to expand circular economy.

5 years short time, inner Mongolia becomes base of the throughout the country's biggest contemporary coal chemical industry stage by stage, in succession many whole worlds, whole nation head covers put into production project of unit of contemporary coal chemical industry, use in all 100 multinomial the core technology that has own intellectual property. Current, inner Mongolia coal, coal makes oily, coal make natural gas produce can crop and generate electricity installed capacity, outside power transmission quantity all resides the whole nation the first.

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