The development of key user industry and the demand to machine tool tool

The development of key user industry and the demand to machine tool tool

Develop as national economic stability, china is being worn thrust transforms into economic structural adjustment and development means, key domain and priority discipline are machine tool, efficient to high-grade numerical control cutting tool, rigid the demand market space that measures appearance is very large. Below undertake communicating simply with respect to the development of industry of user of a few keys and the demand to machine tool tool and everybody.

Aviation industry: Chinese aviation industry obtained rapid development, technical progress is apparent. Chinese business uses an aircraft finite liability company held water 2008, started big airlines project formally. Current, the prototype C919 of big airlines project has developed a success, attended 2010 exposition of Chinese Zhuhai aerospace, 2011 Parisian aerospace exposition, predicting C919 will come true 2014 head fly, obtained comfortable boat evidence 2016 and put in the market. The success of air bus C919, a burgeoning civil aviation industry will be formed in China, gift the good luck with brand-new market of Chinese machine tool. Total investment of big airlines project will achieve 200 billion yuan, the investment that is used at engineering capability to build an aspect among them will achieve 30 billion yuan. Aviation industry covered the overall positive result of contemporary machine tool high to what the machine tool asks almost, include machine tool of high speed, nicety, efficient, compound numerical control, 5 axles the crucial production equipment such as machining center, and contemporary and efficient cutting tool.

Shipping industry: China is one of shipbuilding big states that force has most on the world, 2010, chinese shipbuilding industry stabilizes growth, international market portion continues to expand, finishing quantity achieves shipbuilding the history is new tall, reach 65.6 million carring capacity ton, grow 54.6% compared to the same period, receive order newly 75.23 million carring capacity ton. 2011 1-6 month, shipbuilding is finishing estimate 30.92 million carring capacity ton, receive order newly 21.6 million carring capacity ton. Chinese shipbuilding industry grows quickly, face intense competition at the same time, bearing to improve shipbuilding efficiency, reduce the pressure of shipbuilding cost. To 2015, should form development, build marine of hi-tech, high additional cost year shipbuilding ability reachs 28 million carring capacity ton, produce per year a quantity 22 million carring capacity ton; is marine diesel engine of low, middling speed year productivity is achieved respectively 6 million kilowatt mixes 1200. This brings new opportunity for machine tool industry, shipbuilding industry begins to establish modern shipbuilding pattern, need is heavy-duty and exceed milling machine of boring of heavy-duty dragon door, milling machine of boring of numerical control be born, milling machine of boring of 5 linkage numerical control, center of crankshaft car mill, machine tools of a large number of high-grade big heavy-duty numerical control such as large crankshaft grinder and plank machine equipment.

Auto industry: Chinese auto industry grows quickly for years continuously, china has developed make the world country of production of the oldest car and world's oldest car consumes the market. 2010, chinese car produce and sale measures in pairs to exceed 18 million, grow to all exceed 32% compared to the same period. 2011 1-6 month, quantity of Chinese car produce and sale all exceeds 9 million, predict Chinese auto industry will maintain growth 2011. The data shows, to 2015, before Chinese auto industry is ranked 10 enterprise, the program produces per year a quantity to will achieve 32.5 million or so. This is meant in the near future, chinese auto industry enlarges devoted and huge fund produce can, transform existing car product line. Auto industry is the user with the most essential industry of machine tool tool all the time, the development of Chinese auto industry, be pregnant with is worn market of huge machine tool. The car makes the characteristic that has big batch production, need the numerical control machine tool of many high speed, efficient, high reliability.

Power industry: The shortage of the sources of energy, it is a bottleneck that restricts progress of Chinese countryman economy all the time. Develop to maintain China to be able to last of economy, change economy grows way, chinese power industry supplies executive diversity the sources of energy the strategy, will efficient, clean the sources of energy labels the target that develops mainly, in order to change excessive the situation of the onefold the sources of energy that depends on coal. According to the program, to 2015, the sources of energy of Chinese blame fossil consumes the proportion that holds energy consumption to achieve 11% above, 2020, proportion of consumption of blame fossil energy occupies the sources of energy to consume specific gravity to want to achieve 15% . For this, be in 925 during, countrywide power industry invests dimensions to achieve 5.3 trillion yuan, among them power source invests 2.75 trillion yuan, electrified wire netting invests 2.55 trillion yuan. Develop power industry, the numerical control machine tool that needs a large number of high reliability, big norms, Gao Gang to spend, if door of dragon of heavy-duty numerical control is boring milling machine, heavy milling machine of boring of numerical control be born, heavy-duty establish Pullman bed, lamina to machine machine tool He Xiegen slot is special treatment machine tool.

These user domains are the key of market of Chinese machine tool, bigger to the demand of the machine tool, still have each industry such as traffic of agricultural machinery, project machine, spin machinery, railroad additionally adjusting a structure, change develops way, undertake the industry upgrades technical reformation, have many demand to product of machine tool tool, and the trend that these demand develop to high quality scales is very clear, entrance of predicting China high-grade machine tool will still carry growth potential state.

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