Baoji machine tool group, completed the output value of 1.216 billion yuan in the first half of the year

this year, baoji machine tool group actively adapt to the national supply side structural reform and new normal machine tool industry development, focus on the high-end, accelerate the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of product structure, promote enterprises to accelerate development.Production machine 5323 units in the first half of the group, complete the output value 1.216 billion yuan, to realize double more than half the time.

yesterday, the reporter comes to see when baoji machine tool group co., LTD. A nc workshop, technicians are to companies for wuhan dongfeng ChuKai custom car engine automatic production line for final attachment debugging.Electrical engineer Huang Dong tells a reporter, this production line consists of 14 six sets of CNC machine tools, machine and of three independent material library, the whole production line installed with baoji machine tool of the core intellectual property rights of treasure machine system, further improve automation level.

baoji machine tool group co., LTD., an electrical engineer Huang Dong: don't need people to participate in all the way, just needs the initial blank in feeding, the machining of the final through material and will be back to the people of boxes, and don't need the middle blank burrs grinding and other artificial participation process.

with the product the superior performance, baoji machine tool is increasingly favored by production enterprises.

baoji machine tool group co., LTD. Electrical engineer Huang Dong: our system has now scored many well-known domestic manufacturers, some famous auto production line has been using our products, users reflect the effect is good, for future order additional have formed a good trend, we have this order to the end of the year.

in recent years, baoji machine tool group, take the initiative to adapt to the reform of national supply side, powered by scientific and technological innovation, constantly accelerate structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, promote lean manufacturing, process optimization and improve efficiency.Enterprise research and development of treasure after assembly in high-grade CNC machine tools, machine system for enterprises to increase production by more than 10% in 2016 alone, the CNC machine tool production rates are above 90%.Between January and June of this year,

companies, 5323 sets of complete machine tool production, sales income 1.145 billion yuan, the export income of $6.8 million, year-on-year growth of 60.6%, 45.5% and 39.4%, respectively, the time more than half, duty more than half, laid a solid foundation for the completion of tasks of full-year target.In the first half of

(the original title: baoji machine tool group, completed the output value of 1.216 billion yuan To realize double time more than half


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