Sands nc: a traditional enterprise seize the "future"

our competitor is Germany and Japan high-end production line.Sands in the nc machine tool co., LTD., factory in jilin province, chairman of jian qi proudly told reporters.

what, there is so much?Reporter of this question.When I first got to enterprises in front, front, not even the sign is not very conspicuous.Yard is not big, the building is not high, not the number of enterprises, it is hard to imagine that this is the little giant enterprise in changchun.

sands nc: a traditional enterprise seize the future

as is known to all, at present, the domestic economy downward pressure is bigger, the northeast of the common machine tool enterprises.What makes sands nc machine tool company was established in seven years can be listed on the new three board?How did it become a top international machine tool enterprises strong opponent?

kan qi tells the story sands development of machine tool for journalists.Kan qi has more than

years ago in changchun bus equipment management, then with his specialization of the machine tool, combined with is catch up with the country began moving car project, by this opportunity, kan qi pooled their money to buy a few to a few people lathe have taken to processing business.Initially, kan's doing is contract processing business, has also been he likens to bag the dining room, is stable, but easy to become sclerotic and directionless-the fiefs.In the heart of jian qi has always been a dream to run a restaurant, although the risk is big, but the sky's the limit.In

2009, jian qi established the sands CNC machine tool co., LTD.Research and development of automobile brake plate production line, the gap in China at that time.In 2012 the company developed the first production lines, but suffered no one recognized product position.Kan has found the domestic production of automotive brake disc is the leader of Shandong Longji Machinery Co., Ltd., let them a free trial.Can somebody else have Taiwan manufacturers of machine tools, didn't even try.

chances favor the minds that are prepared.Soon longji company use machine problems, promised to try jian of the company's production line.Results surprise longji, sands of machine tools better than Taiwan, efficiency is also higher.Since its establishment in early

2013, sands nc for the biggest turnaround, shandong longji company one-time order 60 production lines, orders over one hundred million yuan.Since then, in the production of the sequence order, they are not only to the continuous improvement of products, also improve the configuration of key components, but the price did not increase, customers are very satisfied with.Sands numerical control not only won the subsequent order in the future, more won the recognition and reputation.

currently, sands nc company main products are automatic brake disc production lines, more than 80% market share, domestic and foreign orders, already by the end of the year.Sands

CNC, such traditional old industry, in other large businesses have closed down or survival difficult situation but successfully counter attack, their success stories will can give a person with beneficial enlightenment.

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