Yancheng city led to the shenyang machine tool group negotiation "intelligent manufacturing ecological valley" project

8 on June 11, yancheng municipal committee and executive vice mayor hong-hong Chen, jianhu county magistrate Xue Chengtang led the city after the letter appoint, relevant park, enterprises to shenyang machine tool group, head of the business industry project cooperation.

hong-hong Chen, Xue Chengtang line first visited the liaoning provincial party committee standing committee and executive vice governor zhang lei and shenyang machine tool group chairman GuanXiYou.Zhang lei of jianhu cooperation with shenyang machine tool group give full affirmation.He points out that shenyang machine tool has technology and talent advantages, yancheng is a manufacturing.Shen machine intelligent manufacturing valley ecological projects with JianHu cooperation, su liao industry key projects of cooperation, intelligent machine tools as the core, the intelligent factory as the carrier, intelligent service as the way, speed up the industrial data center construction, building intelligent manufacturing sharing platform, will drive the industry high-end intelligence development.He said he would actively supporting the construction of projects from the provincial level, speed up the project progress, strive for an early production DaXiao, makes the region economy development the new luminescent spot.

then, hong-hong Chen line investigation of shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent machine tools, intelligent workshop and intelligent manufacturing process intelligent ecosystem of cloud, and intelligent manufacturing ecological valley, six big center and industrial-grade data center construction a talk.

jianhu county, yancheng city, jiangsu province has always been based on oil equipment, new energy vehicles, general aviation, industrial valves and other industry enterprises as the main zones of counties in the country.Face economic new normal, the county industrial to high-end, intelligent, networked direction.As subei only have two national petroleum equipment, energy-saving electric light source industry base in the county, in recent years, jianhu out of thin air, dare to eat crab, the introduction of new industries such as aviation equipment, promote manufacturing to high-end tip.June 30, nice industrial equipment sales co., LTD., shenyang machine tool optimal and jianhu county of jiangsu province high-tech economic development zone, formally signed the i5 intelligent manufacturing valley ecological project strategic cooperation agreement.Valley of the intelligent manufacturing ecological project will be completed in September and 28000 square meters factory building decoration, 1000 devices will be installed, all the other 4 building 36000 square meters factory fully operative.At the same time, to the 5000 i5 intelligent machine will come next year, with the combination of powerful boost, promote local intelligent industry transformation and upgrading, and speed up the development of advanced manufacturing.

(the original title: yancheng led to shenyang machine tool group, intelligent manufacturing valley ecological projects),

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