The 12th held in jinan shandong equipment exposition

On March 29, by the people's government of shandong province, China machinery industry federation co-sponsored, shandong new cheng hua exhibition co., LTD., execute to undertake & other2017 the 12th China (shandong) international equipment manufacturing industry fair (hereinafter referred to as: shandong equipment exposition) & throughout;Held in jinan international convention and exhibition center.This conference, a three-day display area of 50000 square meters, over 2300 standard booths.We have learned, & other;Shandong equipment fair & throughout;Was founded in 2006, is the combination of the government-leading and marketization operation model group, has successfully held the 11th consecutive, accumulative total display area of 460000 square meters, 473567 visits viewers to visit.Field has attracted from the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Israel, Taiwan more than 20 countries and regions such as enterprises exhibitors, the visit.Fair successfully held, to enhance the level of equipment manufacturing technology in China and promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry in our country as a whole has played an important role.The exhibition scale hit a new high this & other;Shandong equipment fair & throughout;Based on & other;Development of high-end equipment, the revitalization of industrial machinery & throughout;As the theme, site set up & other;CNC machine tools, industrial automation, power transmission and control technology, industrial robots, welding and cutting equipment, Internet + manufacturing, agricultural machinery and engineering machinery & throughout;And so on several big special exhibition area.Enable the eight exhibition center exhibition hall, as well as outdoor farm machinery exhibition area of 15000 square meters.Display area of 50000 square meters, over 2300 standard booths.Scene, 792 industry brand enterprises from home and abroad with more than 5500 Taiwan (sets) of new equipment and high-tech products at the exhibition, more than 70% of the enterprises in the form of special decoration booth to display on site.It is understood that the exposition in both the number and the scale than the past more than 10%, to a previous highs.The 12th held in jinan shandong equipment fair intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment has merged into the field of the whole industrial system, formed a manufacturing started from the new era of intelligent digital and networking.Smart technology products at present, much attention has been paid to intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment has merged into the field of the whole industrial system, formed a manufacturing started from the new era of intelligent digital and networking.In the exposition site, also attracted great nation, jinan one machine, thunder laser ray Ken, work, weichai, Germany, the United States Emerson, Japan mountain electric, South Korea autonics, Switzerland TESA palisade and etc by industry leaders all exhibitors, many new technology on intelligent products focus on appearance.Site, the Han "s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., ltd. show smart new Technology products & ndash;& ndash;G3015F fiber laser cutting machine by the audience.It is understood that G3015F fiber laser cutting machine have been overturn type of technological innovation in 2016 won the & other;Throughout China's good design &;Silver, this is only a finalist in the laser industry enterprises.Site can see, this laser cutting machine cutting ability is very strong, can achieve & other;Flying general throughout the &;Cutting speed, and low operating cost, good stability.For carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, such as reflection and titanium alloy non-ferrous metal such as alloy material can achieve high efficiency, high quality cutting, don't need a secondary grinding.At present, the cutting machine excellent flexibility, dynamic performance and stability, the overall performance reached the international leading level industrial robots in exhibition in the exposition robot, the scene not only attracted fanuc, yaskawa, library card, the mountains, panasonic, Stuttgart, attending the industry well-known brands such as industrial robot, he, from shandong weigao, ty, xintai and love through domestic enterprises have also appeared to robot, robot in field competitive large & other;Performance & throughout;.Site, the spider on the mountain the company show hand robot stop attracts many fans to watch, this product is the use of robot vision system collocation, carried out in accordance with the color identification and sorting of product.Agricultural machinery exhibition stand a in the outdoor exhibition area of the expo, agricultural machinery exhibition as one of the equipment exposition plate content to operate independently.Field not only attracted from case new Holland, Germany, ray Ken, Germany klaas, Ma Siji Mr Yasuda, John Deere, long, the engine of the world's leading agricultural machinery enterprises with foreign brands such as appearance farm machinery exhibition, and, from wind, shandong five drafts, shandong China, Mr Fukuda thunder, zoomlion, hebei agriculture ha ha, nine square taihe, often in jiangsu, shandong kele collect gold hundred million, world agricultural machinery, jiangsu, hebei the tiger and so on more than 200 leading enterprises have also attending the domestic agricultural equipment, field to compete with international brand enterprises.More than 20 large coffee plan for industry development of a new chapter in the same period in the expo, & other;Shandong smart manufacturing solutions throughout the conference &;, & otherShandong industrial design innovation and development peak BBS & throughout;& other;China's water environment governance and water development throughout the summit & wisdom;, & otherShandong BBS rail transit industry development & throughout;More than 10 games such as BBS activities held at the same time, the scene, from the industry more than 20 well-known experts and scholars together, to discuss the new trend of development of the industry.In & other;Shandong smart manufacturing solutions throughout the conference &;, many experts and scholars around the manufacturing industry and the development of the Internet depth fusion line, the scene to share the & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;Innovation experience, this paper discusses & other;Internet + & throughout;Era of manufacturing innovation and development mode.Mao-hua wang from the Chinese academy of engineering academician in the meeting on the development of Chinese manufacturing informatization in 2025 and continued from set out actually this one theme, profound interpretation and analysis of the current status of informatization and enterprise future development direction, the next step for the enterprise to realize the Chinese manufacturing 2025 clear direction are pointed out.& other;China's water environment governance and water development throughout the summit & wisdom;Site, the industry experts from domestic and France for water environmental governance, the wisdom of water development and water environment launched a keynote speech the big data analysis, etc.Among them, the environment of tsinghua university academy of environmental management and policy research institute of wisdom often Miao big data optimization of water environment management comprehensive plan the field the wonderful interpretation of the system.At the same time, the exposition site also held & other;International buyers & ndash;& ndash;Ccpit & equipment products procurement throughout;From the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), central and eastern Europe more than 10 countries, such as 26 international buyers to visit negotiate the purchase.(the original title: the 12th equipment exposition opened in jinan in shandong), much attention has been paid to intelligent product (source: China shandong net)

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