AC drive applications in the rubber and plastics machinery

1 Introduction
In recent years, China's rubber machinery plastic With the rapid development of national economy, rubber, plastics machinery in the model category, variety series, has been greatly improved the level of automation.
At present, China rubber and plastics machinery manufacturing enterprises of nearly more than 500; 200 large and medium enterprises, the backbone of nearly 10 companies. High-tech, science and technology innovation in products continue to apply, a new drag control are emerging, modern microelectronic technology, digital technology, power electronics technology continues to push new, it has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign counterparts. Especially China's entry into the World trade Organization (WTO) after a lot of international production of rubber and plastic products manufacturers to enter China, some well-known rubber and plastics manufacturers and its supporting power electronics components and manufacturing equipment manufacturers also large quantities to China transfer to China's rubber and plastics machinery manufacturing industry has brought opportunities and challenges.
2 mill stacker device on the machine
of production of open mill has already formed a series of major industrial countries of the world and open mill specifications, size, shape substantially similar. Open mill manufacturing practices: operational measures to increase security, improve working conditions and reduce the area, improve the life of the equipment, the full model range, reduce energy consumption, to meet various user requirements. Under the guidance of the application of the above ideas AC variable speed technology. For example:
stacker asynchronous motor YP112M-4 three-phase voltage 380V power 3kW and put material YP100L-6 three-phase asynchronous motor Voltage 380V Power 1.1kW, respectively Fuji FRN3G11S, FRN1.1G11S AC inverter.
Tabletting machine is the most widely used open mill in an aircraft, it can be supporting the use of the mixer, the mixer refining of Plastic compounds or mix through two rollers strong compression and shear, than mixer mixing chamber at a relatively low temperature (about 85 ℃) shake refining, the processing of rubber plasticity real stability.
After turning the material provided with the transmission, the process may be varied according to the requirements of real-time speed, changing the direction of propagation of the original compound, so as to avoid excessive linear molecular structure of the compound, dispersing various compounding agents tend to make uniform. Due to the shift stacker equipped with the device, effectively compensate for the shortage of rubber mixer for mixing. Won the rubber plasticity stable compound uniformly mixed, so that the pressure of the contraction coefficient product consistency, greatly reducing the compound rate of return, reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and more importantly, to improve the products intrinsic quality. 3 extruded rubber sheeting in the film unit cooler film cooling machine and mixer, tableting machines. The mixer refining of plastic compound or rubber, after tableting, film into the machine to soak after coating release agent into the hanging rods, cooled and dried, and finally continuous lamination. This film is a cooling machine Japan, Britain, Taiwan and other manufacturers strengths as a whole, increasing the innovation caught the film robot parts, gear used in Japan Fuji AC drive to achieve grasping film automation, automatic transmission speed synchronization Control System. Since the film is cooled by a machine composed of three models, the full range of tens of meters long, sub-floor and two upper floors are arranged for users of the new engineering processes to achieve rubber mixer production line automation, continuous production, high production efficiency, reduce operating personnel, reduce labor intensity, reduce environmental pollution, has significant advantages. Its motor using YVP112M-4 motors, three-phase AC voltage of 380V, 50Hz; used Fuji FRN4G11S AC drive inverter. 4 120 plastic machinery extruder machine adopts Shanghai Nanyang Electrical Machinery Plant YTSP315 AC asynchronous motors, power is 132kW, the Swedish ABB company ACS550-02,170kVA configure inverter power supply unit, consisting of AC variable speed system, energy saving variable speed operation, high-precision sensor and configured as a speed feedback for high-precision automatic control. 5 Conclusion Throughout rubber and plastics machinery product appearance and internal quality, product designers and manufacturers regard the stability of product quality, reasonable, safety, energy-saving, innovative products as the guiding ideology, is a rubber factory plastics plant to provide excellent equipment. Our rubber and plastic machinery manufacturing in the minicomputer AC variable frequency technology has been applied widely, but relatively few applications on the mainframe AC drive technology. The reason for this is expensive, and bulky equipment and input current decomposable out high harmonics on the grid have some contamination. Situation from rubber and plastics machinery manufacturing applications AC drive our point of view is still in its infancy, from a development perspective AC induction motor applications AC drive technology has a very large market space. With the development of new power electronic devices and high-performance microprocessors and control applications, the drive will become increasingly high performance and low cost, the volume will be smaller, high-performance and multi-functional and will be further pollution of improvement converter frequency Control technology will become more common. According to relevant statistics, the total capacity of the motor using frequency control, only the total installed capacity of electric motor 10, to reach the NDRC motor system energy saving target long way to go.

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