Plastics machinery industry development trends at home and abroad

(1) From the beginning of the development of plastic products, plastic machinery to provide users from the article, formula, equipment and service and other full-service. (2) in accordance with user requirements, design and manufacture of technology designed for users to solve their difficulties in the application of the device. (3) Reference timely technical development of related industries, will use all the latest scientific and technological achievements to the industry. Scientific and technological achievements such as electronics, telecommunications and automotive industries, aerospace industry. Advances in materials science followed by (4), so that new equipment to adapt to the processing of new raw materials. (5) establish a key factor in the success of the user's device in the market competition is the idea, and strive to equipment operation speed, high efficiency and energy saving. There optimal reorganization case between (6) business, but no large-scale chemical enterprise that jointly. As the foreign professional collaboration very mature, large-scale plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises will not be much. Domestic trends (1) break the existing boundaries of the industry, plastics machinery for various industries stereotypical to develop in depth, and thus it is possible to guide the consumer market transition, but note that the guide must be correctly oriented. (2) When conditions permit, through various means, including joint ventures, cooperation, and continue to learn from foreign advanced products and technology and equipment for the development of our presses, improve the technical level. (3) middle and low domestic market capacity will be squeezed smaller and smaller. Some companies differentiation restructuring, some companies will reduce the proportion of plastics machinery in favor of diversification, some domestic companies will avoid vicious competition and further open up foreign markets. (4) social and professional collaboration will gradually mature. Some manufacturers will focus on the local market will be one big business. (5) individual vision and powerful enterprises started to increase investment in science and technology, accelerate to absorb high-quality management and technical personnel in an attempt to further develop and seek to compete with the world powers.

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