Champoux consulting: development prospects of China's plastics machinery industry can be expected

Plastic machinery industry is a vibrant 21st Century promising industries as machine tools polymer composite materials, the development of the plastics industry has played a very important role, directly affects the development of various sectors of the national economy. Currently plastics machinery has been widely used in national defense, aerospace, petrochemical, telecommunications, building materials, packaging, agriculture and other sectors of the national economy. The level of plastic machinery manufacturing, has become the measure of a country's equipment manufacturing level of an important symbol, with the continuous progress of science and technology, as well as the trend of recycling economy and new industrialization, plastics machinery industry more and more attention around the world . China's plastics machinery industry showed a good momentum of development. According to Plastics Machinery Industry Association statistics, in 2010, China's plastics machinery manufacturing industry output value reached 42.106 billion yuan, an increase of 63, plastics machinery manufacturing industrial sales output value of 40.065 billion yuan, an increase of 60. based plastics machinery industry second Five-Year Development Plan, during the second five, China's plastics machinery industry will grow by an annual average of 12 or more, and the total output value of industry-wide sales industry reached 500 billion yuan, and strive to 2015, China's plastics machinery exports reached 100 billion yuan, industry development prospects can be expected. Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out that machinery, plastics machinery and machine tools as shaping the future of the world, the industry will usher in development: a large aircraft, large ships, new energy vehicles and other emerging industries, as well as construction, household appliances and other pillar industries fast development, development of machinery for the plastics industry to create a good environment; Second, lightweight, environmentally friendly cars will be the main direction of the future development of materials technology to reduce the weight of the car itself is one of the most effective measures to reduce vehicle emissions and combustion efficiency, improved, increased use of plastic materials in the car will be the key; Third, biomedical materials are a class of materials with special properties, with the increase in the aging population, pacemakers, artificial knee implants and biological materials the body needs will continue to increase, coupled with the due to the development of modern industry, transportation, sports, and trauma treatment also requires a lot of biological materials, biomedical materials will demand heats up, which provide a strong impetus for the development of China's plastics machinery industry . Champoux consulting released "2010 China Plastics Machinery Market Research Report" pointed out that compared with European and American countries, China's plastics machinery industry in the development of the concept, the level of control and efficiency energy saving, there are still some gaps. During the second five, China's plastics machinery industry urgent need to vigorously adjust the product structure, eliminate backward production capacity, improve value-added products, to encourage independent innovation, improve international competitiveness, to meet market demand, the production of highly efficient energy-saving vigorously plastic machinery products, create a higher economic and social benefits.

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