Expand the Chinese market Milacron love large molding machine

According to Chairman of the Board of Milacron Inc., President and CEO Ronald Brown said the company this year is expected to sell to China worth $ 5 million to 600 million (RMB 40.5 million to 48.7 million) machine. These machines will be located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China joint venture production.     Brown said the company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, machinery manufacturers is also expected this year from other manufacturers, mainly in Europe Milacron factory, shipping $ 12 million to 13 million (RMB 9,730 million to 1.053 million) of equipment to China. This machinery manufacturer's published 2005 second quarter financial report shortly after, Brown in a conference call on August 1 were carried out with financial analysts published the comments.      In 2004, Milacron company and its Chinese partners - auto parts plastic molders Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. formed a joint venture. April this year, this called Milacron Plastics Machinery (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd. joint venture to Chinese partners delivered the first injection molding machine, which is a pressure of 1,100 tons of Maxima licensing injection molding machine. Milacron also be American-made two Maximas licensing injection molding machine shipped to southern Mould Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai's molding plant.     Milacron Plastics Machinery (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd. at the 2005 China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition start accepting orders from other customers.  Although China is a huge market for small-tonnage injection molding machines, but Brown said Milacron company plans to concentrate on the production of auto parts molding services in the field of large-scale machinery in China.

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