Analysis | Plastic Machinery: poor production increased servo applications

China's plastic products industry is a sunrise industry, light industry in China is the biggest new industry. China's consumption of plastic currently over 60 million tons, accounting for the world's total consumption of 238 million tons of plastic a quarter, more than the United States ranks first in the world. Per capita consumption of 46kg, 40kg more than the world average, and become a true world plastics production, consumption, import and export power. As can be seen from the production of plastics in primary forms and import scale, the production of plastics in primary forms showed a steady upward trend, especially in the last two years, growth momentum is more obvious. And also showed imports rose to a new level, showing China's demand for plastics in primary forms has been a steady upward pattern.
  In 2010, China's production of plastic products and good economic performance, each product output continues to remain higher than the same period last year, a good development trend, but the whole industry output growth rate fell slightly compared with the first three quarters.
  2010 - November domestic plastic products in total output of 51.454 million tons accumulated over the same period in 2009 an increase of 20.9.
  Latest customs statistics show that in November 2010 exports of plastic products 654,276 tons to 1 month to 6,763,415 tons. 14.2 increase compared with the same period last year. With the continuous development of science and technology, China's share of plastic products in the international market will continue to expand.
  Source: National Bureau of Statistics of
  China's plastics machinery has become one of the traditional machinery manufacturing industry the fastest growing industry, the annual demand increase. The rapid development of China's plastics machinery industry due to the following factors: First, the rapid development of the domestic plastic processing industry, strong demand for plastics machinery; the second is the demand for high-tech equipment brought about by the elimination of obsolete equipment upgrades and equipment.
  Statistics can be seen that growth triggered the production of plastic products plastics machinery sales growth. Plastics processing industry good prospects for development, will remain the main driving force of the rapid development of plastic machinery industry. After joining the WTO, to the development of China's plastics machinery industry has brought at least two advantages: First, help exports; the second is conducive to the introduction of technology, including joint ventures and wholly owned foreign businesses to do business brings advanced manufacturing technology.
  According to the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association show that three quarters of 2010, China's plastics machinery manufacturing industry output value reached 30.129 billion yuan, an increase of 72.93, higher than the national machinery industry output value increased over the same period the growth rate (34.59). Moreover, the proportion of imports of plastic machinery two years ago a significant decline. In 2008 China imported equipment in the press market share of over 50, but three quarters of 2010 data, accounted for only 29 or so.
  Benefit from the plastics machinery downstream plastics industry booming, optimistic about the development prospects of our presses. The plastics industry has long been present instead of the traditional household light industry and other general products, high-tech products but with the national strategic emerging industries closely linked. Thus, modern equipment manufacturing, plastics machinery and machine tools industry as a polymer material has been developed manufacturing countries attached great importance to and support. At present, the industry focus on the development of large injection molding machines and other products, high-speed railway, new energy, marine and other industries supporting the development of special equipment.
Servo System in the plastic machinery industry in the application has not yet universal
  following polymer materials wood, cement, plastic products, the fourth largest metal structural material after increasingly by people of all ages, is self-evident, plastics machinery industry ushered in the development of its gold period. After 50 years of development, scientific and technological strength of China's plastics machinery industry, market-oriented, the degree of internationalization has significantly increased manufacturing capacity are constantly strengthened, has become the world's first production of plastic machinery manufacturing country. Even so, the servo system in the plastics machinery industry has not yet spread.
  But with the country's increasing emphasis on energy conservation, as well as a series of policies promulgated by the state support. Rushed the development of plastic machinery industry, will bring the heyday of servo product development. The servo system is mainly used in plastic injection molding machinery and equipment, bag machines, blow molding machines and other devices.
Injection molding machine
  a major role in the servo system is energy-saving injection molding machines, rotary encoders and pressure sensors for flow and pressure, respectively, feedback, high performance servo motors to make the appropriate adjustments by changing the pressure flow speed and torque, and then ensure energy saving, environmental protection and high-response, high accuracy.
  Injection molding process is generally clamping, injection gel, sol, packing, cooling stages, mold, etc., each stage requires different pressure and flow. The traditional pump motor at the highest pressure and power equipment needs to determine, at a constant speed to provide a constant flow rate, the excess hydraulic oil through the relief valve reflux, so a lot of energy and thus wasted. Servo clamping, packing and cooling stage the maximum output pressure, but keep the speed is near zero speed, and thus power consumption is minimized. In the case of injection requires low speed, such as social speed is the maximum speed of 30, about 70 can save energy. Original servo motor capable of high efficiency rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, pump motor for the traditional three-phase asynchronous motors. Due to the low three-phase asynchronous motor efficiency and power factor, average conditions in the injection molding machine, the servo motor pump motor efficiency than the traditional 10.
Making machine
  as machinery and equipment for production of bags making machine, positioning accuracy and stability directly affect the quality and production efficiency caused by plastic bags. Replace stepper and other control mechanism by a servo motor, can improve production efficiency and reduce waste production, greatly improving the performance of the machine.
  The basic structure of bag making machine comprising: a body, the upper and lower cutter, variable frequency drive mechanism, upper and lower feed rollers, servo actuator, put the rack, discharge DC motor, can be color standard test frame, removable control box, electric control boxes. The section is responsible for feeding the drive by AC servo system.
  Making machine generally has two sealing and cutting way: Blank Bag decides long seals cuts and seeker sealing, when you select Blank bags decides long seals cuts color photoelectric eye does not work, PLC program based on cutting bag length, mechanical gear ratio, servo drives electronic gear ratio, the servo motor encoder lines and the feed roller perimeter, calculate the number of pulses the servo system required for positioning and driven by the drive servo motor driven feed roller rotation fed a length of plastic bags in order to achieve white bags set long closure cut; when selecting seeker sealing and cutting, the process is as follows, the servo start signal is turned on, the servo motor preset motion curves accelerated motion in accordance with the PLC program, constant speed, deceleration, low-speed chase color, when the PLC received chase when the color signal by interrupting the servo motor way stop immediately.
Blow molding machines
  plastic blow molding machine is the use of extrusion blow molding process to produce hollow plastic containers dedicated, efficient equipment. Currently, plastic blow molding applications increasingly widespread, has become the fastest-growing method of molding a plastic, so that the vast majority of products are hollow plastic extrusion blow molding methods. However, extrusion blow molding highlights the shortcomings of extrusion blow molded products is difficult to control the thickness uniformity. But through the wall thickness of the position control system that can effectively control the thickness and the whole system, so that the wall thickness uniformity is greatly improved.
  Wall thickness control system is a degree of opening of the mandrel gap control system, namely, the position servo system. In the production process of the hollow vessel, in order to ensure the quality of products, require the amount charged can accurately track the set value, but also requires the response process as quickly as possible. A simple 10-point wall thickness controller, for example, in a continuous extrusion mode, the parison die extrusion a minimum time of about 5s, 5s in the time function curve to achieve a limited length, it needs to be is divided into 10 paragraphs, on the time axis, each paragraph only about 0.5s time, according to the tracking theory, the wall thickness controller unit pulse transition time for the passage of time should be 1 / 5-1 / 10, ie 0.05-0.1 s, which requires the system response very quickly. In response so quickly, we must also ensure that the position of the amount charged to accurately track the set value, otherwise, the thickness control would be meaningless. To achieve the control effect of the two requirements for heavy-duty systems, the difficulty is the wall thickness control system design. In addition, since taking l0 points on the parison profile curve to describe the process must be interpolated curve between point and point, try to make a smooth contour curve.
2011 growth will be nearly two plastic machinery
  plastic machinery are the workhorses polymer composites, is a vibrant, promising industry, the development of the plastics industry has a significant leverage effect leveraging a direct impact on various sectors of the national economy development of. All plastic raw materials shall be subject to plastic machinery and mold manufacture to molding is widely used plastic products, therefore, plastics machinery has become the aerospace, defense, petrochemical, marine, electronics, optical communications, building materials, packaging, electrical appliances, automotive and transportation, agriculture, light industry and other sectors of the national economy important technical equipment, and is a strategic emerging industries supporting equipment. Such as carbon fiber used in large aircraft fuselage, artificial heart bypass stents and other products manufactured by modern presses.
  It is noteworthy that, in the case of machinery industry import and export trade surplus remained generally, import and export of plastic machinery trade deficit failed to change in 2010, the trade deficit of nearly $ 900 million. However, the average unit price of import and export facilities by 2009 than 7: 1, reduced to 2010, 5: 1, which indicates that China's plastics machinery to promote industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading has achieved initial results.
  Projections indicate that in 2011 China Plastics Industry output will reach 1 trillion yuan, an annual growth rate of about 18 plastics industry demand.
  The above is taken from the section from the media market research book "2011 China AC servo market research report"

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