2017 Qingdao machine tools exhibition held more than 70000 buyers to visit

On August 2, 6 -, hot springs is located in the streets of Qingdao international expo center for the hot summer has added a & otherFire & throughout;From more than 20 countries and regions, more than 70000 professional buyers to visit into 2017 Qingdao international machine tool exhibition held a grand success.Upstream and downstream enterprises agglomeration machine tool & other;This is the third time this year to participate in machine tool exhibition in cieme, can communicate with peers to study here, also can find your satisfied customers!Throughout the &;Beijing precision manufacturing staff told reporters.2, the 20th 2017 Qingdao international machine tools exhibition held in Qingdao international expo center.The exhibition theme of intelligent, flexibility, Internet, staff of the organizers jinnuo exhibition, the exhibition exhibition area of 75000 square meters, gathered more than 1000 well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, on more than 3000 sets of intelligent and tens of thousands of pieces of machine tool equipment downstream products.The exhibition, intelligent, kind and intensification trend is increasingly obvious, like yamazaki mazar-e-sharif grams of INTEGREX - 100 - s is configured with a SMOOTH system, to create a highly intelligent, unmanned production system integration.Carved JD pride HGT600 - A13S is fine to the limit, can be carved on the eggs.More than 40 experts road on the 3rd of intelligent manufacturing, engineering technology conference between China and Japan in the 2017 Qingdao international expo center.The meeting hosted by the association for science and technology of shandong province, shandong automation institute, Qingdao jinnuo international exhibition co., LTD., to undertake, the conference theme is & other;Intelligent manufacturing and innovation service & throughout;.More than 40 experts to participate in the industry.The assembly also arrange conference report, project sub-field BBS, patent technology and information exchange, scientific and technological achievements china-japan cooperation and docking discussion and visit and other activities.& other;This is also the folk technology exchange platform, the main is to improve complementary.Like haier, red collar and so on in the aspect of intelligent manufacturing there are a lot of advanced cases, it is between the two countries to hold the meeting for the first time.Throughout the &;According to JiHongBo, vice President of association for science and technology of shandong province.Accurate and detailed exhibition service & other;According to the size of the exhibition, the city traffic police brigade first sent 120 police, according to the arrangement of prophase research on vehicle guidance.Throughout the &;City public security bureau traffic police brigade deputy district chief zhang jie told reporters at the scene directing traffic.In addition, in the exhibition site, the public security and traffic police officers, hospitals all departments such as smoke sent staff to provide on-site support and services, and set up a headquarters unified coordination, lift the exhibition held with good quality.According to the municipal ccpit Wu Yongchun, director of the office for the exhibition service security work in the first half of this year the city government issued "to further increase the exhibition service security work of the implementation of the plan, set up six service groups, each group combined with their respective responsibilities to ensure successfully held the exhibition.(the original title: more than 70000 professional buyers to visit the intelligent equipment) (source: China cieme network)

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