The three major manufacturing exhibition opened at the same time Promote the development of zhongshan manufacturing

International convergence, the nuggets bead west.On June 9 and 11, & other;2017 the first China (zhongshan) photoelectric equipment exposition and the third China (zhongshan) high-end laser application technology exhibition, the 12th China (zhongshan) throughout the equipment manufacturing industry expo &;Will be held in zhongshan torch international exhibition center.In more than 20000 square meters of exhibition sector, 201 equipment manufacturing companies with their own name, in the pearl river west bank annual event for the voice of the equipment manufacturing, preemption & other industry development;Think high & throughout;.

after more than 10 years of market cultivation, sun yat-sen's equipment manufacturing industry fair has become the pearl river west bank, one of the largest and one of the most important equipment manufacturing industry event.It is reported that laser processing professional committee of the exhibition by the Chinese optical society, guangdong hongxing international exhibition group co., LTD, zhongshan torch international exhibition center co., LTD., jointly organized, zhongshan east group management committee and zhongshan, zhongshan torch high-tech industrial development zone management committee by the letter bureau, technology bureau of zhongshan city, zhongshan city business bureau jointly guidance and support.
the relevant person in charge of the exhibition organizing committee, said the exhibition in & other;The government guidance, enterprise exhibition and marketing & throughout;Exhibition under the new pattern, innovation & in otherSpecial topics, display communication & throughout;Mainly & other;3 + 3 & throughout;Mode, the theme is distinct, conduct various forms of business activities, to further strengthen enterprise management, production, capital mutual linkage, really build a complete industrial chain of ecological circle, meet the demand of terminal with the brand of two-way.Point 1:
large display area More than 20000 square meters & other;The fan maze & throughout;No virtual
the exhibition as a & other;The fan maze & throughout;, exhibition area of more than 20000 square meters, including: 1 hall, 2 hall and corridor.Show rich in content, divided into advanced intelligent equipment exhibition, high-end laser and processing application technology exhibition, optoelectronic applications and intelligent manufacturing technology exhibition.
among them, the advanced intelligent equipment exhibition area, located in no. 1 pavilion north exhibition (C\/D), about 3000 square meters.Main display intelligent equipment, industrial robots, numerical control machine tools and advanced metal processing equipment, non-standard automation equipment, printing and packaging equipment, ship and Marine engineering equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, new energy equipment, man-machine interface, inverter, sensors, nc system, industrial control, instrumentation, industrial control applications, measuring unit equipment, mould, etc.High-end laser and processing application technology exhibition,
# hall located in A south (A\/B area), in E exhibition hall, A total of 4000 square meters.On display there are three main parts: one is the laser processing system: the macro processing laser processing system, organic electronic laser printing production system, laser processing system components, laser assisted products design and system development, all kinds of materials and application of laser processing, laser radiation protection system.Second, the laser and laser components: laser light source, system components, laser components, laser protective equipment, software, photoelectric and optical mechanics.Three sensors, test and measurement system is: optical sensor, laser test and measurement system, test and statistics system, measurement technology and equipment.
photovoltaic applications and intelligent manufacturing technology exhibition, located in no. 2 museum galleries (T\/H), about 4000 square meters.Main display infrared material and night vision, security, detection and other application products;Optical materials and components, optical communication and optical instruments and equipment;Photoelectric display and lighting;Optical lens and camera module, VR (virtual reality) & amp;AR (augmented reality) technology, 3 d printing technology and other related products.
point 2: new three exhibition exhibition mode and speed up the eastern group integration development in
is located in zhongshan torch development zone, cui heng district of eastern and south lang town, is & other;One center, four group & throughout;Hong Kong and Macao to the eastern group, aims to build a large bay area science and technology industry innovation important base, cultural leisure tourism destination of strategic positioning, the high-tech industry agglomeration area, modern coastal city, cultural tourism holiday resort is the group key construction direction in the future.
to accelerate the drive east group and a town, the rapid development of photovoltaic industry.Earlier this year, the torch development zone, introduced the zhongshan torch development zone photoelectric industry development special funds management interim measures ", the program within two years from area listed in the key industries to support special funds of 30 million yuan, directional support photovoltaic industry project introduction, photovoltaic industry development, the public service platform construction.
at present, represented by the joint photoelectric photoelectric enterprise, has formed the good development momentum, in the eastern group is further agglomeration.According to incomplete statistics, the city's photoelectric enterprises more than 140, among them, enterprises accounted for about 61% of the torch area.
photoelectric enterprise group in the east to accelerate the agglomeration under the themes of the exhibition organizing committee for those routes, the first innovation to photoelectric equipment, laser and its application technology, equipment manufacturing three exhibition, stream of people, logistics and cash flow through the collection industry, established an effective business communication platform, to the transformation of technology integration ideas to build eastern group & other;Smart corridor & throughout;, to better support to build world-class modern equipment manufacturing base of zhongshan city, the pearl river west bank provide demonstration of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry area.
in addition, compared with the previous exhibition, the exhibition not only introduce the eastern group guidance unit, and the torch area management committee as the organizer, no longer appear to support the unit step by step to promote & other;The government guidance, enterprise exhibition and marketing & throughout;Exhibition mode, in order to better cultivate, cultivate local professional exhibition companies, upgrading, development of industry integration platform, to provide important guarantee for sustainable development in zhongshan exhibition economy.
point 3: strong lineup 201 equipment manufacturing companies scramble to & other;Strong-arm reaction & throughout;
after more than 10 years of market cultivation, sun yat-sen's equipment manufacturing industry fair has become the pearl river west bank, one of the largest and one of the most important equipment manufacturing industry event.The exhibition in succession on the basis of previous good genes, overweight upgrade, through the integration of the three major resources to accelerate the convergence of the exhibition, and the industry watches.Or so, the event attracted the world's top five, top ten domestic equipment companies scramble to & other;Strong-arm reaction & throughout;.
according to the equipment exhibition organizing committee, this exhibition, a total of 201 enterprises, space-unit (commercial) 31, 244 standard booths.Among them, the no. 1 pavilion, 23, the exhibition, 110;6 PCS, 2 hall, exhibition, 128;Promenade two special decoration, the exhibition of six.These are all composed of laser processing professional committee of Chinese optical society, guangdong hongxing international exhibition group co., LTD, zhongshan torch international exhibition center co., LTD., jointly invite & otherStar & throughout;Enterprise, reveal & other;High precision, & throughout;The development of industry characteristics, preemptive industry & other;Think high & throughout;.Blue
no.2 pavilion gathering fe optics, the spectrum of tiancheng, light wave energy, sea source photoelectric, ouzhi photoelectric, shun photoelectron, raindance optical, semiconductor, Shanghai golden membrane science and technology, high inferior, wikipedia, Lin we, everbright optics, optical, kono letter kyushu solar, zhengde jie tuan optics, east Li Guang electricity, the prius and micro view from henan, fujian, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, foshan, zhongshan and other provinces and regions more than hundred optical quality enterprises early registration participation;Many traders association also positively group exhibition, basically have zhongshan optical society with special photoelectric, we optics, kono letter, everbright optics, kyushu solar, zhengde, a member of the collective appearance;Iot of zhongshan city association of professional committee of the intelligent production of major equipment, and actively organize is sichuan and automation, micro automation, less easy to manka member representatives such as exhibition, particularly notable is that the joint photoelectric, prescient photoelectric key electroacoustic, han and tang dynasties, macro sheng auspicious, days zhongshan photovoltaic industry association launched units such as quantum also big.
laser show, also attracted a number of well-known domestic enterprises to laser, including laser, south China university of technology, sharp, family day, day, han tong, force chutian industry, China star, chamberlain overseas, such as well-known enterprises will be there with advanced laser processing technology and equipment.Equipment exhibition, will include YingDaSi newsletter, snooker, automation, and west, the letter r smart, hong rui three-dimensional, amada electronics, led 3 d, components quality advanced manufacturing equipment, including companies such as 3 d with the latest product appearance.Read
fantastic activities lianliankan
1: three heavyweight plaque to three big addition to the exhibition
views, should be the release of the three pieces of heavyweight plaque.In the opening ceremony on the same day, according to the characteristics of the three major exhibition, the organizing committee to accelerate the industrial integration development, gave nameboards will set up & other;China's auto parts manufacturing base & throughout;Established, opening & other;Zhongshan photovoltaic industry association & throughout;And & otherZhongshan iot association of professional committee of the intelligent production of major equipment & throughout;.Of
, China auto parts manufacturing base (zhongshan torch development zone), is a wholly owned enterprise in zhongshan torch development zone management committee torch group co., LTD., comprehensive development and management in the field of professional auto parts production base, covering an area of 2000 mu, is planning the best and most important auto parts of auto parts enterprises in guangdong province one of the bases.
photovoltaic industry association, zhongshan city, is by the zhuhai launched a batch of photovoltaic industry enterprises themselves, the photovoltaic industry in zhuhai is dedicated to provide you with an academic exchange platform, an industry docking Bridges and the development of a cluster of corridor, the photovoltaic industry in our city to get a better development, attract more advanced related industry in zhuhai, play a coordinating role of industry associations.
Internet association of professional committee of the intelligent equipment manufacturing, zhongshan city, is jointly launched by 10 units, gather the core strength in the field of smart, zhongshan city, including intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises, intelligent equipment application demonstration enterprises, software development and system integration enterprises, innovative design, industrial engineering services company, is engaged in the research and application of the intelligent manufacturing research institutes, etc.Read
2: three academic BBS focusing on high-end & other;Advanced & throughout;In
& other;Advanced & throughout;Under the flag waving of intelligent manufacturing, this exhibition will be the collision of ideas through the expert, in the form of a high-end academic BBS intelligence engine for the development of the industry by leaps and bounds.The exhibition set up three BBS, respectively is: the theme of & other;Innovation drive, intelligent transformation & throughout;2017 sun yat-sen high-end equipment manufacturing BBS;The theme of & other;Throughout the development & technology innovation, fusion;The 2017 China (zhongshan) BBS photovoltaic industry development;The theme of & other;Meet 2025 embrace intelligent manufacturing & throughout;The 2017 China (zhongshan) iot technology BBS + industrial automation application development.
, three big BBS held on June 9, 10, set up in the torch international conference center on the first floor conference room, three large nearly ten report topics, mainly led by the department, the expert inside course of study, such as equipment, director of international speakers, strong, not to be missed.
zhongshan high-end equipment manufacturing BBS, 3 d printing, chairman of the union by guangdong Li Yaotang, xia-hui tang, a professor at huazhong university of science and Technology, national one thousand plan, Han zhao youth 's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd. Dean Zhu Baohua wisco, wuhan showed large Laser equipment Co., Ltd., general manager of hengyang, mo qi Laser equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., vice general manager of wuhan day xue-wen li keynote, Industry experts will do the situation from the viewpoint of multiple anticipation, forward-looking analysis and peak dialogue, for high-end equipment manufacturing Industry a new round of spanning development direction.
in addition, the 2017 China (zhongshan) photovoltaic industry development BBS, 2017 China (zhongshan) iot technology BBS + industrial automation application development, will be invited to the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of optical precision machinery, shenzhen university, south China university of technology, and other areas of the optoelectronic well-known experts, professors, and industry experts in the field of intelligent technology, photoelectric, industrial union industry application development trends and new technologies to communicate to share.Point 3:
& other;Nine & throughout;Many novel VR offline equipment first appearance in
as an indicator of VR offline business, guangzhou nine digital performance at the exhibition.Guangzhou nine digital technology co., LTD., is a focus of Virtual reality (Virtual Reali ty) technology research and development and application of innovative high-tech companies, has a top VR engine technology research and development center, the content of the VR studio, hardware production base and brand operation team, Intel's top VR, nvidia, and many other domestic and foreign related enterprise important cooperation partner.Currently,
VR business pioneer nine landing VR, has more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, layout of the super 3500 VR offline store, and successfully realize the westward journey, the little mermaid, the Yangtze river 7 such top IP & other;VR + & throughout;Development, become the vane of VR offline business.
according to understand, the exhibition site, the guangzhou more than nine will carry the novel VR line equipment & other;Strong-arm reaction & throughout;War, such as V, Xiong Bao, the ninth planet, dimension, platoon, di joy, 9 DVR, VR horizon VR offline devices will be & other;To the battle & throughout;, bring fresh air for the shopping show citizens enjoy.
& other;Such as the VR horizon, citizens on modelling of VR horizon, wear VR headsets, can be in virtual reality world of adventure.Throughout the &;Guangzhou nine digital technology co., LTD. Relevant controller introduces, experience not only the realistic picture and sound extremely, VR panoramic visual match dynamic effects platform, to provide the true face unprecedented feeling, scream, appeal is dye-in-the-wood.Everyone in the process of experience, we should be more proud of zhongshan, because the domestic many VR&AR lens most from zhongshan manufacturing!
(the original title: the first China (zhongshan) photoelectric equipment exposition and 2017 the third China (zhongshan) high-end laser application technology exhibition the 12th China (zhongshan) equipment manufacturing industry exposition unveiled today in zhongshan torch international exhibition center Companies gather preemption industry development & other wisdom throughout high &;) (source: zhongshan daily)

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