CIROS2017 the imminent opening of the 6th China international robot exhibition

Approved by the state ministry of commerce, the state ministry of industry, ministry of science and technology, China machinery industry federation, China robot industry association, Shanghai exhibition co., LTD., the host & machine in the otherCIROS2017 throughout the 6th China international robot exhibition &;Will be in July 5-8, 2017 was held at the national convention center (Shanghai), and other will be heldSIAS2017 Shanghai international exhibition of industrial automation & throughout;.
ciros China international robot exhibition is China's current robot industry the largest and strongest professional exhibition industry influence, get the height of the international federation of robotics (IFR), whole industry chain is domestic only has the support of IFR robot exhibition platform;Has been hailed as a & other;Throughout China robot no.1 &;.

ciros2017 the imminent opening of the 6th China international robot exhibition the exhibition to & other;Integration & middot;Collaborative & middot;Service & throughout;As the theme, the exhibition scale of 38000 square meters, is expected to audience of 60000 people, from Japan, Germany, France, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, China Taiwan and other 13 countries and regions of 368 famous enterprises.Held during the same period & other;The Shanghai international exhibition of industrial automation & throughout;But also for the robot manufacturers set up a platform for the communication of upstream and downstream automation control.
powerful platform for international cooperation and exchange
China international robot exhibition (CIROS) as China machinery industry federation, China international cooperation an important platform for robot industry alliance, has teamed up with including the international federation of robotics (IFR), German machinery equipment manufacturing industry federation (VDMA), Japanese industrial robot (JARA), South Korea (KAR) robot industry association and the Taiwan association of intelligent automation and robotics (TAIROA), the robot industry association (RIA), South Korea, the robot industry revitalization of the court (KIRIA), France robot industry development consulting and services company (INNOECHO), the issue of the industry news both at home and abroad well-known robot industry trade group, etc.INNOECHO and AUTOMATE AUTMATICA with Germany, The United States, France, south Korea Chesapeake Robot Word, Japan, The International Exhibition ofRobots, Taiwan Robot and intelligent automation reached a cooperation relationship with each other.
strong international cooperation to ensure the CIROS international perspective of power industry development, is an important window for buyers to understand the world leading-edge products robot, robot industry in China is also understand the importance of international robot industry technology development platform.International high-end conference in
, gathered at home and abroad by the sound of the high-end meetings and activities during the
ciros, has always been reading national policies and development planning, industry development hot spot, the global and China's industrial robot market data, cutting-edge technology and application of communication platform.From domestic and overseas experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, professionals come together to share their technology and valuable experience.During
the CIROS meeting of all kinds of high-end, professional activities as many as 24 games, meeting activity contents include robot at home and abroad policy direction, development trend, market data, technology research and application technology, robot competition, financial services, etc.Including & other;ISR 49th international robot BBS & throughout;, & other2017 China international robot industry development peak BBS and 2017 annual China robot & lsquo;Gold finger & rsquo;Awards & throughout;, & otherThroughout 2017 IFR - CRIACEO roundtable &;, & other2017 China international BBS service robot development & throughout;, & other2017 the second China integrated application throughout the conference &;, & otherThroughout China's intelligent manufacturing industrial park plunged peak BBS &;, & otherIntel robot innovation ecological summit and robot challenge throughout the NBA finals &;And so on.Among them,
ISR into China for the first time this year, more attractive to the arrival of the robot in the industry around the world.ISR (International Symposium of Robotics) is sponsored by the International federation of Robotics (IFR) of the world's most authoritative industrial robots and BBS service robot industry, one of the International industrial robot industry, the importance of technical communication platform.ISR into China for the first time, that is, choose in CIROS exhibition held at the same time, more embodies the CIROS show strong international cooperation in resources, as well as the CIROS exhibition brand influence to get high recognition around the world.
the robot of artificial intelligence and service outstanding appearance in
along with the service robot technology and application of artificial intelligence and expands continuously upgrade, service robot market is expanding rapidly.Service robot exhibition in NH pavilion concentration shows this new industry's rapid growth, has become a spotlight CIROS this year.Artificial intelligence, unmanned systems from home and abroad enterprises and applied in household, restaurant, consumption, public services, rehabilitation, fire and other kinds of robots respectively shows the current service robot is the latest technology.Held during the same period & other;2017 China international BBS service robot development & throughout;Talking about the future trend of the technology innovation service robots at the same time, will focus on robot enterprise how to dock with the user, realize land development and other problems.Moreover, & other2018 eighth UCAHP high-level talents entrepreneurship competition and intelligent industrial silicon valley North America BBS launch and talk & throughout;As the organizing committee of the CIROS with silicon valley UCAHP north American entrepreneurship competition for the first time the cooperation, will introduce a batch of such as the United States silicon valley AI\/VR intelligent robot landing China, to carry out technical cooperation of China and the United States, upgrade service robot industry in China set up an international communication platform.
niche buyers with high quality, high efficiency of the supply and demand docking platform, the organizing committee of the
special invitation organization robot applications user segment enterprise, form a powerful high-quality buyers groups to visit, including auto manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, metal processing and manufacturing, 3 c electronic industry, logistics, transportation, petroleum chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, beverage manufacturing niche applications such as robot user units.
, bright dairy, Fuji xerox, lenovo group, changan, saic, lung qi, sun group, wahaha and danone group, samsung group, gree, cimc logistics and so on more than 40 buyers group to join us.At the same time, the organizing committee of the joint local governments are also actively organize visit CIROS visit local enterprises, and enterprises to the users of the robot robot manufacturers to build effective supply and demand docking platform.
each big media reported all-the-way tracking
the exhibition invited including CCTV, phoenix TV, dragon TV, Shanghai TV station, the first finance and economics, the central people's broadcasting station, China Radio International, China network television, xinhua news agency, China news agency, People's Daily, economic daily, China Daily, Reuters, sina, netease, issue of the news media partners at home and from abroad, such as more than 300, each big media platform for exhibitions, conferences, activities, exhibitors and exhibit a full, deep, multi-angle all-the-way tracking report.Ciros2017 the 6th China international robot exhibition in
, 5 years of accumulation, renew brilliance, July 5-8, let's meet in Shanghai again, enjoy the robot feast!
(the original title: integration of collaborative service CIROS2017 the 6th China international robot exhibition is a grand opening) (source: machine yellow pages web)

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