Aerospace science and intelligent production line segment CIMT2017

On April 17, the 15th China international machine tool exhibition in Beijing China international exhibition center (shunyi new).China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & otherAerospace science & throughout;)Oversize high-end equipment manufacturing company in China, the exhibition launched the first space cloud network platform based on intelligent production line.As the "made in China 2025", & other;Internet + & throughout;Countries such as the implementation of the major strategic planning, the integration of Internet and manufacturing development gradually deepened, intelligent manufacture industry based on industrial Internet platform also ushered in the comprehensive transformation and upgrading, and deepen the reform of the important historical opportunity.Go straight aerospace science and industry in our country at the forefront of Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry development, and relying on advanced science and technology level and strategy of overall planning, has made remarkable achievements.This exhibition space cloud network, aerospace science and industry layout is Internet, evidence of best practice in the field of intelligent manufacturing.Of aerospace science and industry's Shen Yangzhong company deputy general manager zhang told China industry news reporter, flexible production line can be realized from order to finish the assembly of the production, the whole manufacturing process of unmanned automatic save the clamping and tool changing process, improve traditional industry in the production efficiency is 50%.Jie in the production line is mainly composed of intelligent equipment, intelligent assembly line and intelligent information system of three parts.Intelligent information system as intelligent production line of the central nervous system, machining, assembling, reasonably intelligent supervision visual identification test, code, and a series of work.Through the analysis of the data acquisition, real-time monitoring, quality and product traceability implementation a complete intelligent advanced fully automatic production line.Intelligent production line and space cloud network platform integration is achieved, can make the cloud and the scene of the production data for real-time interaction, power production scheduling of cloud, realize resources sharing, coordination ability.The graph is aerospace launched the first space cloud network platform based intelligent production line.(photo: small Chen) reporter learned that, this is the independent brand of aerospace intelligent CNC machining center debut.Jie VU series high precision in high speed machining center, the standard module, information technology can be directly connected space cloud network platform, directly applied to intelligent production line and intelligent workshop information management, and manufacturing management system seamless docking.And vertical machining center can also be based on user needs embedded visual touch intelligent terminal, equipment running status data can be real-time feedback, and can work with manufacturing management system seamless docking.(the original title: aerospace intelligent production line segment CIMT) (source: China industry news)

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