Promote the communication of machine tool industry production Tsinghua university to CIMT in practice

On April 20, the mechanics department of tsinghua university to the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) short-term practice in Beijing - China international exhibition center, nearly 50 students from the mechanics department in machine tool show in practice and volunteer activities, tsinghua university and composite group and the control key laboratory of mechanical industry exhibition, showing the elegance of tsinghua mechanics department.Tsinghua mechanics department practice team outside the machine tool exhibition hall photo (photo: Zhang Luhong) on the same day afternoon, practice team ride to shunyi district of Beijing China international exhibition center (new).The exhibition area of more than 130000 square meters, located 1639 exhibitors and crowded at the meeting, all kinds of display products the dizzying.The meeting hall divided by the types of exhibits a dozen exhibition hall, the exhibits contain both the traditional vehicles, milling, drilling, grinding machine, also contains the laser machining, electrical, water cut and other new type of machine tools, and form a complete set of quality supervision, inspection and measuring equipment, cutting tools, jigs and other accessories.Students according to their research direction and the interest, into the corresponding exhibition hall to visit learning, positive and staff communication, understand relevant technological innovation and progress.The international machine tool exhibition contains 839 overseas exhibitors and exhibitors in 800, national enterprises show the latest technology and products, technical communication and lectures.In the afternoon there is well-known enterprises on behalf of the speaker's lecture, provides students with a rare view and the opportunity to learn advanced foreign technology and equipment.In the machine tool exhibition, tsinghua university and the Swiss embassy in China cooperation, selection of volunteers to assist the Swiss pavilion daily operation, and view the advanced technology of Switzerland.Practice team came to the Swiss pavilion, met with tsinghua mechanics department volunteers ni circle, he is for visitors to provide advisory services.Tsinghua mechanics department volunteers ni round to work the pavilion exhibition hall (photography: Zhang Luhong) in the international machine tool exhibition opened & other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Exhibition hall showing the tsinghua university and dalian polytechnic university in the innovation research results on the machine.Mechanics department of tsinghua university are made by the teacher wang liping team, mainly introduces the mix parallel mechanism and the control key laboratory of mechanical industry research, compound machine, spraying robot with five-axis linkage automation system as a typical representative.Practice team and is responsible for the two mechanics department students of tsinghua university hall.& other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Exhibition hall in tsinghua mechanics department team participation (photography: Zhang Luhong) the short-term practice by China machine tool industry association, the department of mechanical engineering, tsinghua university cooperation.Through practice, the students to understand the world's most advanced machine tool products, feel the international technology exchange and interaction, the technology innovation and progress.(source: tsinghua news)

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