The full upgrade of yantai system exposition 2017 give you different experience and harvest

In recent years, our country's market structure changes and challenges faced by the traditional manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and & otherInternet + & throughout;Has become a big industry development trend.Yantai as a traditional industrial city, tightly grasp the development opportunity in (May 26) yesterday morning, in yantai international exhibition center was held the 15th 2017 yantai international equipment manufacturing industry expo opening ceremony.
5 on 26th morning, by the mechanical and electrical products distribution association, China yantai city people's government, Qingdao jinnuo international exhibition co., LTD., yantai jinnuo exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the 15th yantai international equipment manufacturing industry exposition in the grand opening of yantai international exhibition center.The exhibition fully meet the industry hotspot, response & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, & otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Countries such as industrial strategy to & other;Transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As the theme, the key to build intelligent manufacturing demonstration area, bring the exhibitors and visitors from concept to realization of real visiting experience.Expo
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yantai system is one of the most professional intelligent jiaodong peninsula manufacturing industry exhibition, since founded in 2003, the cumulative attract exhibitors nearly m, 350000 professional visitors, won the industry acclaim and recognition.In recent years, the exhibition after continuous development, has now become a gathering in today's latest achievements in modern manufacturing, implementation of brand strategy to promote multifunctional stage.
according to the exhibition controller introduces, the fair has a comprehensive upgrade.Exhibition area of an area of 20000 square, is equipped with the machine mould, industrial automation, power transmission and control technology, hardware tools and welding cutting equipment, machinery and general equipment, robot, logistics, warehousing and handling equipment exhibition, attracted over 400 exhibitors from home and abroad.In addition, the organizers in raising service level, improve the show management and rich content to make a new effort.This exhibition is not only a trading platform of the display of the latest products and technologies, is also the platform of enterprises to recruit talent.During the exhibition will be held in manufacturing enterprise recruitment, in order to meet the demand for talents of science and technology enterprises.The conference participants believe the recruitment will bring different experience and harvest.
yantai jinnuo exhibition co., LTD., general manager of wai kong, ray, said the industry rebounded in 2017, a trend of rapid development, the industrial district of yantai as a traditional industrial city, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and promoting industrial mechanization, automation, intelligent manufacture is imperative, yantai system fair successfully held the will also promote the yantai & other;Smart industry & throughout;The new stage, yantai & other;Smart industry & throughout;Is enjoying an unprecedented development opportunity.
in the first day, library card, Wilson benesch robot, fanuc robots, bond laser, laser laser and other famous enterprises have appeared, reveal the vigorous situation of intelligent manufacturing;Professional, intelligent and high-end products popular, automation, informationization, technology level of innovation and development, the exhibition site people, very busy.Is apart from the yantai expo over two days, China machine tool business wish exhibitors and visitors to obtain satisfactory harvest. (this article is provided by Chinese machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

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