Dongfeng with many intelligent equipment CIMT2017

On April 17 to & other;New requirements & middot;New supply & middot;New & throughout;As the theme of the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) opens in Beijing China international exhibition center.The exhibition attracted more than 1600 machine tool manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to join.Dongfeng equipment limited company belongs to the east wind equipment manufacturing co., LTD and RenLiangJu factory all together with the latest intelligent equipment exhibition, get the recognized industry experts and manufacturers.This exhibition has manufacturing and solutions, intelligent digital technology, high efficiency and automation, specialization of four big luminescent spot, the exhibits include the host, the feature, numerical control system, measuring tool measuring tool, machine tool electrical and rj, accessories, etc. Main products industry chain.Dongfeng equipment manufacturing co., LTD with DL500, DZ40 horizontal machining center, vertical machining center DVT1645 turning center and production line intelligent management system, its high efficiency, high precision, high reliability and exhibits features such as green environmental protection has attracted many manufacturers and visitors stop to watch.The production line & other intelligent management system;Wisdom star STAR”Particularly eye-catching.The system can real-time understand production line OEE comprehensive efficiency (device) and the cutting tool and the kinetic energy consumption, and can provide equipment maintenance for the production management information, to optimize production and improve data analysis, data driven management.The dongfeng equipment manufacturing co., LTD., has been awarded & other;2016 year China machine tool industry throughout 30 strong &;The title.RenLiangJu exhibition exhibits for electronic instrument factory, exhibits mainly by the electronic instrument & other;Two fields, three series & throughout;Composition, including wireless an e-card plug gauge and automatic measuring mechanism in two major series of products on behalf of the electronic instrument measuring instrument manufacture level, in the domestic leading level;Intelligent data management system shows the electronic instrument in data collection, analysis, processing, etc.(the original title: dongfeng new intelligent equipment at the China international machine tool exhibition) (source: dongfeng hotline)

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