Is place of profit of industry of brand of Wan Shengyang of furniture of Chinese board type scanty?

Brand of Wan Shengyang of furniture of Chinese board type
Before 15 years, suffer the attraction of rich and generous profit, many people flock and go up dry removed board type furniture; After 15 years, board type furniture becomes an important household category to stand fast to sell the mainstream of field the position greatly in each. Time of these 15 years, industry of board type furniture was experienced from arisen to development, arrive again scene great change of prosperity, produce a doorsill because of making a living however nowadays low, product is coessential turn serious, profit scanty and be faced with development bottleneck, how to develop next become numerous the task that company of board type furniture must think.
A large number of heroes is promoted to rise abruptly at the beginning of the industry
1995 around, when in pattern of traditional real wood casing furniture takes the main aspect, prior of company of a batch of furniture begins major to manufacture stylish board type furniture. No matter the enterprise at that time is from south to north its are facilities of board type production, main fittings of raw material, hardware should count an import, feeling truly among them the enterprise fact that way to do sth can run a plant continuously is belonged to rare. Formal because be promoted at the beginning of the industry, the brand is less, the market demands exceeds supply, the earliest a batch of beneficial result that did the enterprise of board type furniture to obtain plentiful and substantial.
Because had the first batch of successful explore passerby, the enterprise of later period follow the lead of in an endless stream. A personage inside course of study Mr Xue discloses: “97, 98 years when, a few brands such as bright, Hua He look for us to seek cooperation, hope we do their acting work. They visited a plant, researched a technology, there is not negotiate because of a few specific item later, ended up with nothing definite. But the fact proves they are to come of lapidation ask the way, before long new product appeared on the market. ”
The immediate cause that these enterprise too impatient to wait manufacture board type furniture is to make money fast, profit is rich and generous. Mr Xue tells a reporter, at the outset he is in the sale of the only month of a storefront of square of furniture of home of east of jade spring run can exceed 1 million. 10 years ago 1 million it is an astonishing number absolutely, the gain that visible enterprise scores from which is very sizable also. because such, the team year after year of company of board type furniture expands, going up the century reachs period of at the height of power and splendour at the beginning of 90 time end, this century.
Competition is intense gain is meager
The big wave backbone that board type furniture develops manages the in making a trade brand that come down. Sell greatly in each nowadays, the brand of board type furniture that is north solely has ten, a few brands that add south exceeded 20 fully, held the majority position of furniture exhibition hall.
Compare with the photograph ten years ago, whole the change that board type furniture produced an industry to had produced essence: Technology of production of board type furniture is mature with each passing day, the market already turned to buyer's market by seller's market, main raw material of production mostly homebred already change, and produce transparent, profit to decrease. If say 15 years before development is domestic furniture as a result drive Chinese market out of a few foreign furniture, so the civil war that today's competition is a callosity, enterprise basis market rule undertakes superior bad discard.
Add gradually as brand of board type furniture much, the product is coessential change an appearance increasingly serious, add the effect that lived in an industry to confront global banking crisis last year, market of sale in domestic market of fight in some places one by one of company of many export furniture, competition of industry of board type furniture is intense, was forced to hit ” of “ price war. Be in especially 51, during 11 holiday, before a few years 8.8 fold, 9 folded sales promotion bottom line to had glided this year 7.8 fold, 8 fold, participate in low sales promotion to there is no lack of brand of a few mainstreams, the gain of the enterprise is apparent shrink.
Meanwhile, household sells a costly hire farther vendor's stand thin the profit of company of board type furniture. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, general area need is in storefront of furniture of a board type 250 smooth rice above, hire of a month wants 100 thousand yuan at least. In other words, every month gain must exceed a storefront 100 thousand ability live go down. This shows, before earning the money of board type furniture to compare 15 years today arduous much.
Seek blue sea of difference open up
In whole industry of board type furniture is plainting when gain is too small, many enterprises had begun to search La Hai. Board type furniture or the road —— that walk out of a poor dissimilation are aimed at 80 hind, make what can change board type furniture. Consumer can be in according to his be fond of colour, structure, function is aspirant multiple choice and a combination, satisfied personalized requirement. This kind of furniture that can change still can be gotten at least run the industry does not pass 5 years when.
“ board type makes money fast, but if everybody always is,the meal is grabbed to eat in a bowl, can eat without the meal sooner or later. President of some 100 strong furniture guides ” enterprise from fight closely sound the Red Sea vacates hand additional monarch to path, besides the board type furniture that in managing, low end locates, still rolled out real wood furniture and dermal sofa, reduced the risk that the company competes in domain of board type furniture.
In secretary-general of Beijing field association Liu Chen looks, board type furniture wants the progress with long-term try to gain, the enterprise should study consumptive market, amlposition is managed. “ if everybody does same business, can succeed truly with respect to 9 people, remain belong to foil. ” Liu Chen suggests company of board type furniture should be in the respect such as product, sale, management undertakes innovating, walk out of the development road of poor dissimilation. Zhu Changling of vice-president of Chinese furniture association also thinks, the development concept of board type furniture should with when all is entered, have research and development adequately around the personalized demand of consumer, offer for instance custom-built change service, net to buy means to wait, dig the latent capacity of industry of board type furniture adequately.

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