Supply of nanning, guilin in guangxi liuzhou yulin precision centerless grinding machine

Model: number of HFC - 1808:111 brands: xing rich auspicious price: & yen;1 yuan\/units Xing fu auspicious centerless grinding machine, the company absorb Japan machinery manufacturing production technology and management experience, the introduction of a number of Taiwan and foreign experts, the company has more than 10 years of centerless grinding machine research and development production experience, constructs the centerless grinding machine research and development, production as the core equipment manufacturing system, its main production dynamic pressure precision centerless grinding machine series, high hydrostatic pressure centerless grinding machine series products.(1).Dynamic pressure series: HFC1206\/1206 s;HFC1208T \/ 1208 s;HFC1808T \/ 1808 s;HFC1810T \/ 1810 s;HFC1812T \/ 1218 s;HFC2008T \/ 2008 s;HFC2010T \/ 2010 s;HFC2012T2012S and CNC centerless grinding machine.(2).High hydrostatic pressure series: HFC - 1206 - a;HFC - 2408;HFC - 2408 cnc3. Ningbo, zhejiang province on the mainland and Taiwan taichung has the production base, first-class quality and service, first-class performance, is your best choice!.Mr. Hu contact phone number: 13828798237 note: contact me, please say on the "proudly machine net" see, thank you!

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