Farmers built villa with foam process houses warm in winter and cool in summer as a child the building blocks

On July 12, 2017, anhui fuyang, other people's house building with bricks, to build his house with a "bubble".Villagers Yang Zhongcai home cottage just starts, to visit people is an endless stream.This "bubble" EPS module is a new building materials, construction process, like a child building blocks, workers pouring reinforced concrete in the module, not only improve the work efficiency, build house is warm in winter and cool in summer, safe and durable.Construction workers in accordance with the design drawings, with concrete build a foundation.After being ground fully solidified, several workers started to use EPS module "build by laying bricks or stones wall", the whole process is like a child building blocks, and then pouring reinforced concrete in the module.(source: phoenix net) related news for our son married the pine two-storey villas are fashioned embodies the father loves the full on May 4, 2016, the rural building a house is very common, but for his son pine house you seen?According to reports in the Chinese net, a man in xi 'an pine house for his son, he was originally a carpenter, xinlingshouqiao built a house 2 floors of pine, a total of more than 300 square, provided to the couple live.Pine house the old man for his son to folks envy, after all, do your own work steadfastly.It is understood that the pine is a very environmentally friendly material, very suitable for children to use.Xi 'an a man for his son made the skillful craftsman named zheng ZhongFu pine house, 54, carpentry followed father when I was 17, has been for 37 years.Cabin is for his youngest son will marry in October marriage room, "is expected to cost 200000, more affordable."Because don't get to the Internet, zheng master son help search log cabin to build.Since 2012, zheng master butt wood, wooden structure, four years again and again modification, finally complete the beginning of the year.Master zheng said, his wooden roof of more than 70 square meters, to prepare for the gym.Compared with reinforced concrete, the wood can absorb noise, also can absorb air moisture, adjust the indoor humidity, living comfortable and, more importantly pure pine without formaldehyde.On the cultural history of furniture, the founder of pine furniture Nordic idea, they changed decayed for magical, originally be excess resin crowded fast-growing tree become dry by high quality plate, so that the deal with the plain texture, lifelike texture, pure bright color, the household environment with simple but elegant, pure static, blend in harmony with nature and tranquility, and pine furniture by the United Nations department of humanities as the furniture of environmental protection.Pine furniture on the vision to "color".Light soft pine color "a born beauty hard to chose" let other tree low eyebrow bow.Without carve of pine furniture is a natural scenery, is a natural amorous feelings, fine texture, kuang fine lines, resilient thing.(source: observer network) source: north new visual network integrated + load more late

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