FX - 12 s high precision centerless grinding machine

Models: FX - 12 s quantity: 100 sets of brand: hartmann price: & yen;RMB 100 \/ sets the machine main features A ontology, ontology and nine components by senior meehanite cast iron FC - 30 moulds.By artificial normalizing heat treatment, and then by natural aging treatment.Nine processing components adopt YASDA, MITSUI SEIKI, TOSHIBA, ELB world-class equipment such as the clamping process at a time.Precision can reach micron grade, to ensure that the equipment foundation components and high precision.B, main shaft system main shaft adopt Taiwan brand, product factory.lie SNCM - 21 h alloy steel, after tempering, carburizing heat treatment again by computer control cryogenic treatment, the surface hardness of HRC - 62 & deg;Above, unilateral effective hardening layer of more than 1.5 mm.Main shaft with dynamic pressure oil film bearing spindle.C, adjustment wheel transmission wheel spindle drive Motor with Japan yaskawa Servo Motor (YAS KAWA) Servo Motor, FX - 18 s speed control 0 ~ 250 RPM (digital control) can be arbitrarily set speed, to adjust to the best linear velocity, when adjusting wheel diameter changes can still keep the same linear velocity, grinding out the best products.Servo motor installed on the adjusting wheel box clever design using direct drive synchronous belt, can adjust the wheel in the grinding with play Angle at the same time, guarantee the two pulley is parallel.Overcome the old type centerless grinding machine with chain more section is produced by the inertia loss and the chain Angle bring many adverse effects.And often to avoid the change chain and zipper spring.D, the main shaft oil returning the ring spindle automatic lubricating oil system of circle (advanced spindle oil 10 #) and hydraulic shaping device for the same pump, external fuel tank, cleaning oil change is convenient, the spindle back to the oil in the circle of two filter oil filter device and equipped with a pressure controller, ensure the life of the spindle.Note: contact me, please say on "proudly machine net" see, thank you!

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