Package machine future needs high end of fight in some places one by one to satisfy market demand

At present our country package machine can have not resembled rapid before growth, but also be meeting growth. This is the rule of development, developing certain period can slow. Rise to what quality asks now, also forecasting this packer to take high-end course is a kind of trend.
Devoid innovation restricts packer development
From the point of the development of whole industry and market demand, the backward technology, obsolete equipment development that restricting a company, the person that company of a lot of packer is trying changes product, but also be only more very improve on the foundation of original equipment, can saying is not to change soup makings, did not go innovating development, lack the application of high-end technology.
The level of packer whole technology of a lot of enterprises still does not amount to mark now, do not make give banner device, cannot satisfy market demand, add the development that did not perfect inside the industry to plan, the government lacks corresponding macroscopical adjusting control, cause domestic packer to develop to lag behind relatively.
Because domestic packer enterprise lacks high-end science and technology, so a lot of products are introduced by abroad, although accelerated our country to pack development speed of industry greatly such doing, narrowed our country packs industry and the difference that develop a nation, but the high-end technology that depends on abroad overly to depend on abroad and technology equip, very the whole that goes against our country to pack industry technology level rises, go against the intellectual property that develops oneself, go against the major that breeds oneself to design staff, so we should strengthen investment of science and technology, put an end to depend on technology of foreign high end overly, enhance own innovation strength.
Moreover, professional hi-tech person with ability is lacked inside industry of our country packer, scientific research strength is insufficient, go against the research and development of new product so, a lot of proprietor of an enterprises want to be given priority to in order to sell, lack scientific research orgnaization, cannot change the technology for productivity, still should foster large quantities of researchers so, establish special scientific research orgnaization, enhance product innovation power. This shows, the long evolution of packer industry still breaks outmodel conventions, still cannot leave innovation.
High end of fight in some places one by one satisfies market demand
Current package machine just still is in a more low-level primary intelligence to change level, domestic food industry grows to be changed to intelligence ceaselessly raised taller requirement, this means us to be necessary the food that the application with capable also concrete union needs to issue air force to develop advanced intelligence to change packs a technology.
Look at present, home market to low end the demand of package machine will tend atrophic, whole demand also will reduce traditional facility. Turn into to basically be centered in equipment exterior, structure stage by stage to the requirement of the product design, enlarge application domain, increase the respect such as dependability. Accordingly, enterprise of domestic package machine should shift focus, be in firm in low end the market while, side with move of equipment of high-end package machine further, push the integral technology content of packer of high end of high our country and technical level.
In respect of product structural adjustment, want to change the condition that gives priority to with low technology content as soon as possible, learn foreign advanced technique, development production is efficient the large whole set of equipment of satisfy the need of low cost, produce and sale and product of new and high technology. According to national condition development gives the applicable device that pack, those who quicken package machine change, develop domestic international market further.
To package machine character, expand of domestic food market ceaselessly and the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of new breed, brought tremendous opportunity and challenge. Domestic food package machine produces an industry to must accelerate transition to upgrade, the automation that promotes a product energetically, intelligence changes a standard, in order to satisfy more the demand of product equipment market of high end.
Prospective packer walks along “ 4 change ” to develop way
It is mechanical function diversity. Product of industry and commerce already incline to is delicate change reach diversity, in big environment metabolic situation falls, diversity, flexibility is changed and the packer that has a variety of switch functions is planted just can get used to market demand.
2 it is group of structural design standardization, model is changed. Make full use of group of original model model changes a design, new model can be changed inside short time
3 it is to control intelligence to change. At present package machine manufacturer uses controller of PLC power load generally, although PLC is stretch very big, but still did not have computer (contain software) has powerful function.
4 it is structural high accuracy is changed. The issue such as structural design and structural movement control closes the actor bad of package machine function, can control through motor, coder and number (NC) , dynamical load is controlled (PLC) wait for tall accurate controller to finish, moderate land makes a product outspread, install equipment direction research and development toward the bag of high-tech industry.
Prospective package machine must be had muti_function, adjust an operation to wait for a condition simply, the intelligence that is based on computer instrument will become food to pack the new trend of controller. Accordingly, want to pack the market to acquire position in future, efficient client service and mechanical maintenance will be one of conditions of the mainest competition.
The confidential that pack takes high-end course, should combine informatization and industrialization faultlessly. Raise mobile technology, cloud technology, intelligence to operate scale. Packer should be ceaseless blend in informatization to machinery to use above, let packer enterprise take the development with long-term course of good high end.

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