Woodworker industry grows new way analysis

Present woodworker industry is improved more than 200 years ceaselessly through world each country, perfect, rise, already developed make the kind that has a variety of 120 many series, 4000 products the production trade that all ready, annual produce exceeds 10 billion dollar. Our country also becomes machinery to make big country already, but want to become powerful nation, still need standard of a batch of new and high technologies and the international standard that accord with requirement of our country technology to regard as prop up. In current China such economic environment falls, woodworker industry must strengthen the standard construction of oneself, in order to get used to the demand with contented economy progress.
Global woodworker to raise lumber utilization rate, raise lumber to machine precision, raise manufacturing efficiency and automation rate, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety develops without direction of social effects of pollution. Furniture industry as market demand level rise, standardize to woodworker, specialization production, improve product quality, develop new breed, improve labor productivity, the demand of the respect such as resource conservation is higher and higher also.
The development of our country economy, what cooperate with the international market is increasingly close together, also promoted advanced science and technology to innovate ceaselessly development, mr Liu Shuangde pursues woodworker trade for years, the Xin of Shenyang double heart that its found is unused woodworker agency is the secondhand and unused woodworker with the biggest northeast total distribute! All the year round the world such as distribute United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan's advanced secondhand and unused woodworker!
The progress that Mr Liu shows Chinese woodworker should hold to, introduce come, absorb foreign advanced technique, transform traditional industry with informatization, make optimize upgrade; It is forerunner with scientific research, strengthen fundamental theory to consider, science and technology of stimulative woodworker manufacturing industry progresses, the product changes ceaselessly, development has the new product of independent intellectual property; Want to study national condition seriously, home of base oneself upon, walk along ego to develop way.
Woodworker specializations production is to reduce manufacturing investment, raise level of product quality class, technology and the efficient way that produce efficiency. Realize a product to specialization hard production is the important step that enhances company core competition ability. Woodworker line of the products is various, its specialization of production is imperative. Specialization production is helpful for professional division of labor, amass each side dominant position thereby, efficient in market economy, high quality ground produces woodworker product; to be helpful for building favorable market environment, avoid malign competition; to be helpful for the individuation of the service, get used to the instability that produces demand, facilitating market is purchased.
The high end that woodworker produces is changed, the brand is changed is the only way that the enterprise seeks progress. Value intellectual property only, protect product creation patent, encourage design innovation, ability promotes the benign development of our country woodworker, in remain invincible of international market competition.

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