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Model: number of HFC - 1808:111 brands: xing rich auspicious price: & yen;1 yuan\/units and rich auspicious centerless grinding machine: xing fu auspicious company absorbs Japanese machinery manufacturing production technology and management experience, the introduction of a number of Taiwan and foreign experts, the company has more than 10 years of centerless grinding machine research and development production experience, constructs the centerless grinding machine research and development, production as the core equipment manufacturing system, its main production dynamic pressure precision centerless grinding machine series, high hydrostatic pressure centerless grinding machine series products.(1).Dynamic pressure series: HFC1206\/1206 s;HFC1208T \/ 1208 s;HFC1808T \/ 1808 s;HFC1810T \/ 1810 s;HFC1812T \/ 1218 s;HFC2008T \/ 2008 s;HFC2010T \/ 2010 s;HFC2012T2012S and CNC centerless grinding machine.(2).High hydrostatic pressure series: HFC - 1206 - a;HFC - 2408;HFC - 2408 CNC;Ningbo, zhejiang province on the mainland and Taiwan taichung has the production base, first-class quality and service, first-class performance, is your best choice!.Parameters: the standard bench work diameter ф 1 - ф 50 mm;Special work table content 40 - ф ф 120 mm diameter;The grinding wheel size (diameter & times;Wide & times;Inner diameter) ф 455 & times;205 & times;ф 228.6 mm;Adjust the wheel size (diameter & times;Wide & times;Inner diameter) ф 255 & times;250 & times;ф 111.2 mm;1520 R.P.M grinding wheel speed;Adjust the wheel speed (0 ~ 260) R.P.M;The 15 HP wheel drive motor (11 kw) AC380V \/ 50 hz;Adjust the 4 wheel drive motor HP (3 kw) AC200V \/ 50 hz;The hydraulic pump drive motor 1 HP (0.75 KW) AC380V \/ 50 hz;The cooling pump driving motor 1\/4 HP (180 w) AC380V \/ 50 hz;Adjust feed wheel\/roll wheel 3.5 mm, 0.05 mm\/scale;Adjustment\/roll wheel fine-tuning hand wheel 0.1 mm, 0.001 mm\/scale;Table feed hand wheel 9 mm\/roll, 0.10 mm\/scale;Workbench fine-tuning hand wheel 0.2 mm\/roll, 0.001 mm\/scale;Trim feed 2 mm\/turn the handwheel, 0.01 mm\/scale;Adjust the Angle of tilt wheel + 6 & deg;~ 5 & deg;;Adjust the Angle of taking turn round & plusmn;6 & deg;;Machinery & size 2350 times;1960 & times;1550 mm;Packing size & 2400 times;2000 & times;1800 mm;Machine weight 2850 KGS.Packing weight 3005 KGS.Grinding machine structure performance: first, the main shaft, 1. The dynamic pressure spindle, adopt advanced alloy steel, after conditioning carburizing heat treatment, computer control of cryogenic treatment on surface hardness behing HRC62 & deg;Each of the parts above after many precision grinding, high precision, long service life.The whole production and materials are completed in Taiwan.2. High liquid hydrostatic spindle: using precision grinding of the hydrostatic design, can significantly reduce the traditional dynamic pressure bearing temperature rise arising due to friction and deformation, the precision design of static pressure point, can effectively control the balance of pressure difference, which can increase the cutting force to heavy cutting, the advantage of high precision, high life.With high pressure oil film bearing heavy load and heavy cutting, can effectively reduce the abrasion and maintain operation of spindle is round.Low frictional resistance: because under any operating conditions (including the spindle static) when there is a layer between shaft and bearing high pressure oil film is separated, and avoid direct contact with the metal, thus bearing the only resistance, only the viscous force of spindle oil itself, inherent to long life, and the starting torque is close to zero, to achieve the effect of less electricity high rotating accuracy: because of the hydrostatic bearing is by all the average oil film under outside load, thus to make on the exterior of error average effect, usually by hydrostatic bearing movement of error for bearing a third, therefore has the high rotation accuracy;In high load bearing capacity and low eccentricity of the case, still has high rigidity,High pressure flow of spindle oil, can be served as a coolant, lower the temperature of the spindle to rise;Good stability, because good oil film damping effect, so the processing can obtain a better research cut surface.2.The body is made of the FC - 30 senior cast iron after normalizing heat treatment of natural aging, more than one year guarantee steady metallographic organization, to stabilize the internal structure, reasonable mechanical design and excellent material, to ensure that never deformation in the course of using, strong wear resistance.3.Adjustment wheel servo motor wheel, wheel spindle motor servo motor, turn degree can be controlled in the 0 to 300 RPM, w no period of digital set, can adjust to the best linear velocity, when adjusting wheel diameter changes can still keep the same linear velocity, grinding out the best products, at the bottom of the servo motor in machine tool, the vertical adjustment of the chain, with high sensitivity, features in the grinding operation can adjust the wheel does not vibrate, make sure to improve stability.Four.Fixed gear wheel and adjustment wheel device adopts the FC - 30 senior cast iron, precision shovel after burning blunt treatment and artificial flowers, special designed hydraulic cylinder cap, with no period of variable speed, grinding wheel fixed stationary vertical.Five.Slide up and down glide with double "v" slippery course design, to ensure the stability of the best.King-size bed rail, when adjusting grinding hour, liquid can avoid dust pollution, the slide rail to dovetail type design, and can be done about 6 & deg;Rotation, top and bottom feed attached trimming device, precision fine-tuning can be up to 0.001 mm. 6.Lubrication system.Adopts hydraulic automatic lubrication system to provide the main shaft of lubrication (pressure switch are installed in the automatic lubrication system, the lubricating oil pressure of rating number, spindle motor can't can automatically stop the rotation, in order to avoid the main shaft dry turn bad).Oil temperature radiator can lower the spindle lubricating oil temperature, in order to reduce the thermal deformation, extend the oil seal, main shaft bearing life and alloy.Contact: Mr. Hu contact phone number: 13828798237 note: contact me, please say on the "proudly machine net" see, thank you!

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