Exit of wood of elder brother hill anabiosises case study

The hill that occupy elder brother examines quarantine bureau statistic, elder brother hill exported wood 2013 (contain furniture) 22102 batch, money worth amounts to 711 million dollar, increase respectively compared to the same period 8.28% with 0.99% , wood of elder brother hill continues to get run Jiangsu exports the market.
As we have learned, elder brother hill exports wood to basically reach plank with furniture of sofa, office, bedroom furniture kind give priority to, basically export country and the area such as the United States, European Union, Australia, Japan, southeast Asia. Company of wood of elder brother hill although the ” of cold current of “ foreign trade with unprecedented experience of the beginning of the year, exit is immersed in backwater for a time, but the act that the transition that profit from enterprise has in succession upgrades and enlarges the market, second half of the year be able to sole rebounds, export share expands ceaselessly.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, exit of wood of elder brother hill can come true to anabiosis in the round in the end of the year, profit from 3 big factor:
It is Euramerican estate market restores somewhat, external demand increases make wood export dimensions to expand. The huge of get warm again after a cold spell of Euramerican 2013 developed country and area estate plays the requirement that changed pair of entrance wood furniture. The United States is wood of elder brother hill market of the biggest export, the United States end 2012 puts quantity room to sell 4.65 million, grow 9.2% compared to the same period; The European Union is major estate market of the country also takes a favourable turn somewhat, british Ministry of finance rolls out building city again new politics, will the 2nd bridal chamber head pay scale to fall to lowest 5% , huge prompted British building sale, what achieve England nearly 3 years to come again is new tall. The exit of the Kun Shanmu products with the exciting huge of interest good news of these traditional markets, help enterprise digests inventory, dish vivid whole production runs a system.
2 it is company of wood of exit of elder brother hill increase further to strength of rising market development. In last few years, barrier of trade of custom duty of Euramerican country blame is bristly, huge carries raised exit threshold. Elder brother hill a lot of exit wood companies deliver the view in succession to more broad rising market, area of and other places of middle east of fight in some places one by one, Latin America, southeast Asia, Africa, increase development strength, roll out the product that gets used to its to consume demand and style, reduced wood of elder brother hill of Euramerican to the tradition market count level. Of rising market space extended exit of wood of the hill that it is elder brother to provide brand-new ascendant power ceaselessly, those who be helpful for whole industry is fast anabiosis.
3 it is elder brother hill material benefit is gained in exporting wood company to upgrade from transition. Exporting the wood that does not have own brand is to offspring before hill enterprise, and even the biggest question that countrywide wood exit exists on enterprise overseas business. Major company is the manufacturing business part that makes passivity accept, the mechanical agency that is abroad digests order. Drop to produce cost with manufacturing industry as global purchasing power however progressively heighten, current exit furniture business basically profit already less and less. Accordingly, elder brother hill exports wood to recall a painful experience, the transition that passes bold and resolute upgrades break this “ to go narrower more the road of the exit of ” . On one hand, the design research and development of oneself of farther integrated company works, through mastering the trend of international furniture popularity of foremost edge, offer for foreign client more achieve style wood formerly, implementation makes the modelling workshop change to creation enterprise; On the other hand, optimize pull current Cheng further, perfect quality governs system and promotion product quality, so that should be opposite very much more,abroad's stricter and stricter technical trade requirement and slashing product quality ask, make foreign consumer enjoys more high grade wooden furniture product.
Exit wood domain still is full of good luck and challenge. For this, elder brother hill examines quarantine bureau warns exit wood company:
It is the exit competition ability that pays close attention to the integrated cost that rises continuously to weakening wood. Stem from protective environment above all, each country reduces lumber export in succession, bring about global lumber price to all appear rise trend, lumber of European broad leaf rises in price this year extent achieves 5%-10% , african lumber price every stere also all fronts promoted at least 200 yuan of above; Serve as labor next concentrated model the wood company of the industry, manpower cost rises the effect is distinct, labour cost rises directly make an appointment with 15%—20% , good mechanic is one work is begged hard more; Appoint a shipping company as a result of buyer again, content sheds cost house not to fall high to also can bring about those who export cost rise, if every mark box carries line of Asia-Europe of Ma Shiji shipping company this year valence 600 dollars. Accordingly, each wood exports an enterprise to be sure to need to dig innovation drive further, come to those who digest integrated cost rise.
2 it is attention the abroad that emerge in endlessly is technical the export latent capacity that trade barrier is strangling wood. Afterwards United States begins to carry out " act of standard of compound wood formaldehyde " after the 2nd phase, the European Union also came on stage " lumber and wood compasses exemple and instruction of design of new environmental protection " . This instruction asks wood is defeated by Europe needs to come from the lumber raw material of attestation, and the lumber that at present the whole world obtains attestation has 10% only about, the lumber that attestation can obtain on Chinese market still is less than 1% . Euramerican the half of country that holds wood of elder brother hill to export the market, enterprise to accord with the requirement of new standard, must throw a large number of capital and manpower to undertake technical reformation, improve environmental quality, still will increase at the same time those who concern examine, the formalities such as test, attestation and other and relevant charge, the enterprise exports the cost of the product to will rise considerably further. Accordingly, the quarter attention when each wood exports an enterprise to answer examines the foreign quarantine information that quarantine branch releases and technical standard, close with ensuring the wood of exit to be connected smoothly.

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